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Meet the cast

The Free and Steam campaigns will include 8 steam locomotives: 6 are directly accessible and 2 can be unlocked when you complete the campaigns.

Steam locomotives for the Free and Coal campaigns

The first reward locomotive is already modeled, but the jury is still out for the second reward locomotive.

The first option is a locomotive inspired by the Blue Comet a 4-6-2 Pacific class locomotive from 1928.

Blue Comet

The second option is a locomotive inspired by the Indian Railways Class YP 4-6-2 from 1955.

Indian Railways Class YP

What locomotive do you prefer?

18 thoughts on “Meet the cast

    1. We are currently working on the oil campaign. Work on the electric campaign will start just after.

  1. How can I research steam locomotives in research section? It is showing unavailable tag there.

  2. How to unlock oil campaign and electric campaign? I have complete campaign 1 “free campaign” and campaign 2 “coal as a cucumber”

    1. The diesel campaign is currently in development. It should be available in at least a couple of months

    1. It may by possible in 2021, but for the time being we are working on the diesel and electric campaigns.

    1. Diesel and electric campaigns are currently under development. Diesel and Electric trains will be available when the new campaigns are available.

  3. I reinstalled the game and lost all my progress, if I buy steam dlc will I lose it when I reinstall the game?

    1. Purchases are linked to your Google account and are restored when you reinstall the game.
      If you want to save your progress, you can use a backup program.

  4. I completed the campaign and opened the box to reveal a new train. How do I actually use it?

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