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My purchase is stuck. I paid for a package, but I did not received it. What can I do?

Purchases are managed by Google via the Google Play Store app. We don’t manage payments directly.

Sometimes the Google Play app can get stuck.

Here is a procedure to help fix this issue:

1. Make sure that you have wifi or mobile data connection
2. Open your device’s Settings app Settings.
3. Tap Apps & notifications and then See all apps.
4. Scroll down and tap Google Play Store Google Play.
5. Tap Storage and then Clear Cache.
6. Next, tap Clear data.
7. Re-open the Play Store app
8. Re-open the game.

More info here:

My power grid is overloaded. What do I do?

A grid is overloaded when the power demand is larger than the power offer. When a grid is overloaded all the power users are disconnected to protect the network.

A grid serves buildings and trains in two separate power channels, but on a single grid. As a result:

  • When power required by trains is larger than the power available to trains, the whole grid overloads, and building will also be disconnected.
  • When power required by buildings is larger the power available to buildings, the whole grid overloads, and trains will also be disconnected.

To solve a grid overload:

  • First, diagnose the issue: tap on power substations to get a breakdown of power usage. Tap on power plants to know their power offer.
  • Make sure that trains have enough power. Build additional power plants if needed or remove some trains.
  • Make sure that buildings have enough power. Make sure power plants have enough fuel stock to run. Disconnect buildings if needed.

Note: your own power plants can only power your trains, but they cannot power buildings. Only commercial power plants can power buildings.

What are these colors on the map when I build a power line ?

Colors represent power grids:

All the tracks, power lines and substations connected together forms a single power grid, represented by a single color.

If two networks are not connected together, this will form two independent power grids, represented by two different colors.

How do I cross rivers/canyons/lakes with a power line ?

Power line can cross rivers, canyon or lakes only if the distance is short. Try to find a proper spot on the shore or ridge where you can cross

How do I get ecology score above 60% with diesel trains

You have to use biodiesel to improve your ecology score above 60%.

If the option to deliver biodiesel manually is not available, you have to deliver the biodiesel to the fuel depots yourself, by using your own trains.

My signals are malfunctioning. My trains are facing each other. My trains always stop at signals. What can I do?

Train always stop and switch for a good reason. Usually they don’t work as expected because of an issue in the railroad network.

Have a look at this post that explains everything about switching.

How do get oil in Oil Aboard! mission 7 (Oil spills) ?

You can get oil from the leaking oil wells.

How can I create switch signals?

Switch signals are placed automatically by the game when you create a
route to a station with multiple platforms.

I’m stuck in level 10 “Sustainable Capitalism?” of the Free Campaign. How do I reopen the Fish Cannery?

You have to deliver planks TO the Fish Cannery itself. The Fish Cannery needs the planks to rebuild and reopen.

Version 1.0.11 made the goals clearer.

The signals are not working correctly. What can I do?

The signals are working correctly, but can sometimes be confusing because they don’t work like traffic lights on the street.

The game uses a “Signalling Block System“, that is quite close to what real trains are using in real life (See this wikipedia article)

The basic principle is that the railroad network is broken up into a series of sections or “blocks”. Only one train may occupy a block at a time

You can create blocks by adding signals.

But be aware that:
– All tracks connected to the same side of a signal are part of the same block
– Tracks that are not connected by a switch, but are touching or crossing are part of the same block

See this post that explains signals

See also this post than explains everything about switching

How do I transport electricity in the “Coal as a Cucumber” campaign?

In versions <3.0, you don’t have to transport electricity. Just deliver coal to the Power Station. If the Power Station has enough coal, it will start to generate electricity that will be available to the city.

In versions >= 3.0, you have the Electric Dreams update. Electricity is transported with a power line.

When I upgrade a station, trains are not using the new track. What can I do?

Existing routes are not modified when you upgrade a station.

If you want your route to use the new station platform:

  1. Open the train route
  2. Open the Path Selector tool (Its the clipboard icon)
  3. Tap “Recalculate routes”

More info here

When I create a route from/to a multi-platforms station, how I can choose the second track?

When you create a route, you can only select a station. The router will choose the best track for you. If multiple tracks are possible, the router will create a multi-path route. The train will choose the best path dynamically depending on the traffic.

If you want to disable one or more paths of your route, you can use the Path Selector tool (It’s the Clipboard icon). More info here

How can I build industries in the Sandbox?

For the time being, it’s not possible. Industries are generated randomly by the game. We may add the possibility to create your own industries in a future update.

Where is the track doubling tool? How can I make double tracks?

In the game main screen, tap on the “Track” icon on the right, to start creating a track. Then on the right of the screen, you can choose between “Single Track”, “Double Track”, or “Bridge”

My long trains are stuck in a station. What can I do?

Usually, long train requires long platform stations. You can create a long platform station, by creating a regular station, and then extending the station platforms with the track tool.

Place the station signals accordingly: Make sure that when a long train is loading at a station, the train tail is not beyond the signal, or else the train tail will block the switching part of the station.

My game keeps crashing / freezing. What can I do?

  1. Make sure to upgrade your game to the latest version.
  2. Avoid running too many background apps, like music players, while playing the game.
  3. Make sure Android is updated to the latest version.

We work very hard to make the game as stable as possible, but it is not possible to test every possible devices/OS configurations (There are more than 10000 different models of phones and tablets running Android today, and more than 20 different OS versions)

If you have problem with your game, you can submit a “Bug Report” directly from the game. Please include as much details as possible.

I have another question.

Please send your question with the contact form or post it the comment section.

135 thoughts on “FAQ

        1. Hello. We don’t work with a timeline, but the Diesel campaign is in development and is well advanced.

      1. Séria possível adicionar uma forma de mesmo depois de ganhar o trem misterioso por completar a campanha, para que em todos os níveis seguintes deve pesquisar eles na aba de pesquisas? mais que não fosse caro a pesquisa?

  1. Are there plans to add one way tracks / signals? Even with double tracks, and a signal on each end of each track, both trains try to use the same track for both direction and end up blocking each other at a station/terminal.

    1. It’s already possible to make one way tracks. Use intermediate waypoints to make trains go where you want.
      If you route a train to a destination with multiple platforms, the router will select multiple paths and create a switch signal.
      If one of the path goes the wrong way, you can disable it with the Path Selector tool.

      1. It would make managing trains on a complex network easier if we were able to define tracks as one-way.

        1. You can already define one-way tracks by inserting an intermediate waypoint on a track, but I agree that is limited to one train, and will apply to all trains.

  2. Few ideas for you here :
    1. In the indicator at the top (money,score,…), I would add a number of months the game is running and display that information when finishing the campaign.
    the ‘so that’ are :
    – I can restart the scenario and try to beat my score to achieve it
    – you may want to update some of the scenario to be complete in less than x months. (note: hopefully you could have telemetry in your product to switch those x months and potentially have different level of achievement – 1/2/3 stars
    – some of the loans may only be available when your network is x months old or if you income is y , it would make more sense for bank to not give money for no reason.

    2. I know it is stupid, but people like like me like to have some stupid achievement – 100 train build, 1000 passangers delivered, …

    3. in the sandbox, could we have different type of landscape ? the map are all green, there is no water so all the bridging stuff does not requires investment when playing in sandbox 🙁 increase complexity, the cost of the delivery could be change depending on the stock: for example if your logging Camp output is full, delivery wood should give less income as there is already stock. the idea behind in that case the player would be to force to create end to end network. typically at the moment, when starting, I should only be able to deliver one train with 3 wagons to get income, more than this not give me more income unless the network is created ?

    1. A lot of good ideas 🙂 I’ll add some to the backlog. We are thinking about adding difficulty levels for players who like a challenge.
      Improving sandboxes is definitely in the pipes, but we first need to finish the diesel and electric campaigns.

      1. Similar economic question as #4 from GeoVah.

        Every scenario can be won simply by building a track from a raw resource to a factory that will pay you for it. Set down the phone and wait until you have enough money to buy everything you ever wanted. The factory keeps paying you even when its storage is full and its is not delivering the product it produces.

        The game is great but please change it so factories don’t pay you if they are full. Basically, the economy has an infinite demand for every product mined or produced. If there is a good reason I am overlooking please explain.

        1. That’s true: the game implements an infinite demand economy (that’s the meaning of the + sign on the demand numbers in the industry view).
          There is a good reason for that: the game would be extremely difficult to play with a limited demand economy.
          For now, we have to find a balance between hardcore tycoon players and more casual players.
          But we have a plan though to add difficulty settings in the game settings menu. We will work on it after the electric campaign developments are done.

          1. Sounds good. Check out how they did it in games like Sim City. Basically add an “international port” that buys everything and theoretically ships it overseas. Adjust the hardcore vs casual player difficulty by how much the “international port” pays you for the deliveries.

            Looking forward to playing the new scenarios.

  3. Will this game be available to download on the App Store for iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone

      1. Hallo,

        I would just like to follow up on the original question. I purchased the full set of expansions for my Android phone in 2020 and played it till I dropped. Now I would like to purchase it for my new iOS devices including iPad and iPhone, but it is still not available.

        Do you have a new expected release date of the iOS version? I am really excited to play it on the bigger screen.

        1. Unfortunately the iOS version has been cancelled :/
          since Apple won’t support OpenGL in recent iOS version.

          1. That is unfortunate. Would you investigate releasing the game in the Amazon Appstore so we can play it on PC with the build-it Win11 emulator?

            Thank you for the response. Love your game.

  4. I got 2 questions,
    1. What does the present at the end of the free campaign do?
    2. If you buy the steam pack, is there going to be extra things that you have to buy in the diesel and electric age to have everything, or is it like that you buy 1 time, and you get the “full game”?

    1. It gives you a new locomotive that you can use in the sandboxes or in the campaigns.
      All the DLC can be purchased independently, but there will probably be discount for returning customers.

  5. Would you please briefly explain the environmental score, really enjoying this game hope there is a lot more to come.

    Thank you

    1. Basically, each locomotive has an “eco-friendliness” rating. You can see it when you create a new train, tap on the locomotive to get its details.
      The ecology score is the eco-friendliness average of all your running trains.
      You can improve your score by using cleaner locomotive or by researching HQ bonuses.
      The ecology score will probably change a lot when the Electric campaign will be released, because it’s with electric trains that ecology makes the most sense.

  6. I love this game, it’s just the right combo of resource management and building. I know that you guys are working on the expansion packs, and I can wait until they come out. But in the mean time, would it be something you could do, to just put out more levels in the current framework? Maybe in the Coal campaign? I do like the sandbox, but with no clear goals, it’s not as fun.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time in a day to finish the expansions and add new levels.
      The diesel campaign is almost finished though.

  7. I absolutely love this game. I find it quite challenging, especially from level 8, Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky) and particularly like the open-ended play, ie that it’s up to you how you solve the problem and that there are many solutions. I also love the fact that you can continue with a scenario once you’ve achieved the target, allowing you to improve your network. The Railopaedia (I’m British, so I’ve used the correct spelling (😉 only kidding)) is also a great source of information and works really well as a kind of additional tutorial, giving techniques that you can incorporate into your solutions. I’m quite pleased with my solution to level 8 (I’m working on level 9 ATM. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so have many false starts and begin from scratch, refining my plan as I do. Level 8 was the same). With that in mind, could you add the ability to share your solution with other players? It would be interesting to see how different players solve the scenarios. This would also give clues to players who are stuck. I can see how some might object and consider this cheating, but in my opinion you’d only be cheating yourself. Alternatively, although I realize that you probably don’t have time to do this, you could have a different page for each scenario and only allow access once that scenario had been completed.
    In conclusion, many thanks for your wonderful game. Along with Monument Valley, it’s easily my favourite. I think it’s truly original and really absorbing. Well done. That reminds me, I must give you a ***** review.
    All the best and I hope you are keeping well and safe
    Saint Nine – I’m a drummer: St + ix. As you can tell, I’m quite pleased with that dreadful pun, but, so far, I’ve always found it to be available as a username.

    1. Well, thank you 🙂
      My personal favorite solution is the highway loop/branch lines setup. I like to set up the whole network while researching what I need, getting a massive debt in the process. Then when the network is done, I buy all the trains and see if my design is working and the cash is flowing.
      I definitely need to think about a way for people to share more, not only solutions, but also sandbox maps or custom scenarios. Unfortunately it won’t be possible in a near future, because I first need to finish the “coming soon” campaigns.
      PS: nothing wrong with a good drummer pun if it’s your Gene (Krupa)

  8. Absolutely love this game!! I haven’t been this immersed since Sid Miers. Very excited for more levels.

    I am truly stuck on Coal as a Cucumber – Railroad Journalism (3). I just can’t figure out where to put everything and how to not go bankrupt trying. Any tips on where to start please

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Deliver wood first to the paper mill to get some revenue. This is the easiest accessible resource.
      Don’t recruit too many engineers too fast to avoid high research costs early in the game.
      Research in priority a bridge, some higher power engines and the long train permit.
      Whenever possible create a bridge over the canyon and transport passengers between the two cities.
      After a while, they will level up and will give new outlets for other cargos.

  9. Misson 10 – sustainable capitalism – have opened the cannery, researched everything but cannot upgrade the two cities so l can open the steelworks, any ideas (have accumulated plenty of cash)??

    1. First deliver fish to Subnauticus, then passengers from FactorioVille, then mail. Subnauticus should upgrade to level 3 and the steelmill will open.

  10. I’m not sure where to find Petrochemicals. After the new update, i see they’re required to build plastics, but I don’t have a resource to produce petrochemicals that I can see. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out I’m just missing it, but some helpful pointers would be appreciated.

    1. In what mission do you have the problem?
      In sandboxes, petrochemicals are produced by the oil refinery. The petrochemicals were missing in previous versions. Please update to version 2.2+ and recreate your sandbox if petrochemicals are missing.

  11. Is it possible to restore game progress if I install on a new device? Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere.

  12. Great game, I’ve purchased both DLC’s and am eagerly anticipating Electric Trains to release.

    minor suggestions:
    1) When an accident occurs and you click on the ‘repair train’ button, you should not warp the view back to that train’s home base. Mainly because you almost always have another train to clear and it is annoying to have to zoom back to the scene of the accident while other train’s pile up. Plus most players would want to stay in the viewpoint of the accident location to figure out what went wrong with their design. Just a thought.
    2) it’s tricky to make really long bridges. In order to make a bridge, you need to be able to see both the start and end point if the bridge. On really long bridges, it can be very frustrating because In order to see both ends, you need to zoom out. But zooming out too far puts you in a viewpoint where you can’t build. a lot of times I need to settle on a bridge design I’m not happy with because I simply can’t maneuver my viewpoint to capture both ends of where I properly want to put it, if that makes any sense.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      You are right about 1) I’ll write it to the todo list.
      I don’t see any simple solution to 2) but I’ll think about it.

      1. You can still build longer rails/ bridges on the “world map” when you zoom all the way out. Just have to have what type of rail you are laying before you zoom out. Also works with mass delete. Often I get frustrated with my design and instead of restarting so I have to do research all over I just grab the blue delete bulldozer and zoom all the way out and stretch a big window to wipe my whole map and reroute all over again.

  13. I would love to see a “connecting” leature so that For example if you have a strand of two rails side by side you can then connect stuff (like the always painful waypoint tracks) to the end of them and not have to rip out a huge section of rail.

  14. Is it possible to add a functionality to upgrade bridges the same way we upgrade depots and stations?

    1. It is probably possible. This feature is currently in the todo list. But first we have to finish the electric campaign.

  15. Your game is really good. I tried playing it on my acer laptop via Samsung Dex, and it worked really really good; it doesn’t even lag or anything. Except for the controls: can’t zoom in or zoom out; can’t rotate; whatever is the screen ‘zoom’, you are stuck with it. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help.

    1. Hello. Unfortunately, we can only support pure Android devices. We don’t support Dex at the moment.

  16. A couple of suggestions that I think would help as networks become more complex:
    – It would be fantastic to be able to split a track section into two.
    – Ability to mark tracks as one way (making routing easier)
    – Variable platform length stations – maybe as a research option? Adding track is just unnecessarily complex

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. The first two are already in the todo list. I’ll add the third one.

  17. Hello,
    please advice or give some tips for Oil Abord mission 11. Long bridge building is expensive task and all my budget goes in loss. Without building a bridge i cant transport raw material to the factories which are opposite side of the riverbank.

    1. Hi. You should develop all the possible industries before hiring too many engineers. When you have enough cash flow, start hiring and researching.
      You should research “financial planning” early to have reduced interest rates.

  18. Oil Aboard all 11 mission successfully completed……now desperately waiting for electrical mission…… please please please let us know when it will be ready for us to play….

    Kindly give my regards to entire team of this game….planning department, graphics dept., Idea and execution dept. and each person who is involved in this game from start to end…..this is a stress relese game, improve planning and development strategy, force us to think about final deliverables and related things well in advance….10/10 to all of you.

    Special request.

    I feel there should be one option where I can see all assigned trains along with pickup martial sign and end deliverable destination sign so that at a time on scrolling I can see all the assigned active trains….that will be really helpful in train assignment.

    1. “entire team of this game”… That would be me 😀
      I’m not sure I understand your suggestion. There is a plan to add a UI to better find and select trains at some point, but I’m not a fan of lists and dialog boxes. I’m searching for a better visual alternative.

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply.
        ……huge huge huge fan of this game. Ready and waiting to grab electric train option….Bye.

  19. Hi D11,
    A couple suggestions…
    I usually buy or clone trains such that there’s a timing differential between rakes to deliver material at intervals that keep the destination happy or running. However, anything that needs to restart the trains (upgrade the station, change the engine or train configuration etc. etc.) just restarts the trains one after the another – the timing differential is lost.
    Since not all destinations have enough capacity to store, it would be useful to be able to specify a time difference when trains would be launched.

    Additionally, a running train does not show its destination or contents – I like to set up diesel / biodiesel trains to deliver fuel to multiple locations that helps reduce the count of running trains (and my phone processor’s temperature!), however not being able to see where a train is headed on a common track or how much it is carrying makes it difficult. An additional line each on the two ‘train properties’ windows should do it.

    Working through the steam and diesel missions since I purchased it recently, and restraining myself from starting the electric in parallel too – terrific game!

    1. Thanks 😉 and thanks for the valuable input. Not everybody play the same, so it’s interesting to know how people do.
      I’m thinking about improving the train configurable actions, to allow partial delivery for instance. This could help with your second need.
      For your first need, I think you can use the “Full unload” action. Trains with this action wait for space in the industry warehouse before unloading.
      Maybe I could also add a “Unload if possible” action that would skip the destination if the warehouse is full.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply – the ‘full unload’ does defer unload till there’s capacity but blocks the track in waiting 🙁
        The ‘unload if possible’ sounds promising, managing fuel is relatively easier.

        This is one game with practically unlimited combinations (through the sandboxes) that never disappoints!

  20. Deckeleven, I bought all the DLC and I accidentally deleted the game. If I install it again, how can I play the DLC without paying it again? I’m currently in Android 9

    1. All purchases are synchronized with your Google account, so if you reinstall the game from Google Play, your purchases will be automatically restored. You don’t need to pay again.
      In some rare cases, Google Play can get stuck: there is a procedure to unstuck it in the FAQ

  21. DeckEleven, Have you considered opening a community Discord? I’d love an opportunity to interact with other fans of Railroads

    1. I honestly don’t have enough time to invest in a community Discord, but I know there already are some unofficial servers out there.

  22. I have a passing track in the main line. And long trains are running on it. But trains are blocking the switches, is it a glitch?

      1. I can send you the screenshot in your email so that you can see it. I was end up in building track sets for waiting bay. And for me it was ruined the look of one way passing track.

  23. What do you think about Rice Farm and a Rice Mill industries to produce sack of rice? A cows in Dairy Farm with a slaughterhouse to produce meat? A Sugarcane Farm and Sugar Refinery to produce Sugar products? These are my suggestions so far just in case you want to expand industries.

  24. How’s the sandbox update Deckeleven? (Sorry, I didn’t send a screenshot, I ended up to start over and fix the tracks and paths. I find the problem myself)

    1. It’s making good progress. I already have the new terrain and industry generators. I’m now working on the mission generator.

  25. I have a station terminus for passenger/mail services. And it has a switching/turnout track (idk if that’s the right term). How to pass a non passenger/mail trains in the station terminus without blocking the switch tracks designated for passenger/mail service. It usually happens in the sandbox mode.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your setup. Maybe you could post a screenshot (at least by email)

    1. The same as any long platform station: your extend the platform with the track tool, then add signals at the beginning and the end of the long platforms.

  26. Lenovo K4 Note ram 3gb android marshmallow, force close when open it. the downgrade to lower version, still force close. The use version when there no electric train, run perfectly.

    1. Please submit a bug report from the game, using the feedback menu. It’s impossible to debug your problem otherwise.

    2. I think I found your issue. It only happens on older phones (android 24 and less).
      It will be fixed in the next update

  27. Deckeleven, is it possible to make your train (coal and diesel) become fuel efficient in the long destinations?

    1. For better fuel efficiency, you have to use advanced locomotives, like the green steam or the hybrid.
      If you haven’t researched them yet, you have to add coaling or refueling stations on the way.
      Also, delivery rates depend on distance, so for long distance deliveries, the profit should compensate for fuel consumption.

        1. Maintenance cost simulates the cost of keeping a locomotive in working condition. Heavier and advanced locomotives are more expensive to maintain.
          Maintenance cost is currently 10% of the purchase price (of the whole train)

  28. This is a query for Oil Aboard Mission 07 Oil Spills. Can you please check and confirm ASAP
    I have reinstalled the application; however, I am still not able to find resorces to produce Petrochecmicals that would be required to produce plastic. Not sure how the disel barels can be utilized shown in Oil refinery.

    1. You can deliver the oil removed from the oil wells spills, to the oil refinery.
      Then it will produce diesel and petrochemicals.
      diesel barrels can be used to power diesel train. Deliver it to your Oil depot.

      1. Regarding on the oil spills Deckeleven, how or what is the proper balancing of petrochemicals and diesel?

  29. Hey deckeleven, how’s the project going?

    I have a suggestion about the sandbox, what if a port and airport accepts and offers passenger? It’ll be good especially for airport express. What do you think?

    1. We are currently working on a patch, with gameplay improvements, in particular the possibility to have containers from ports.
      Passengers and mail will also be more randomly balanced between cities

      1. That’s nice. I’m waiting for the containers in port. Maybe we could have a passengers only in the airport and port/harbor since the maximum cities that the railway serve is 4. So if we add a passenger service either airport or port/harbor, then definitely we have 5 areas to serve as long as it has 20/20 (in casual level). What do you think?

        1. It’s a good idea! I’ll think about it for this update or the one after.

      2. I see version 4.0.3 has containers; I’ve got a sandbox with a port that offers them. There’s no “container car” available when I make a train, however. Am I missing something?


  30. Do You Guys Have Discord Server ? 🤔…
    If you Guys Have Discord Server , Can You Add a Button To Join Your Discord Server So New Player / Veteran Player Can Share Or Ask Some Question ☺

    That Could Help New Player How To Complete the Challenge ☺

    Thank You ☺

  31. I really liked this game its simple to understand and fun to play but it lacks the challenge to play
    Questions: If I buy the Premium Combo pack now, and if their are any new pack available in future(Hybrid Train😗 ) will it available for free or I have to pay for it.
    And also what kind of update you are working on

    1. Hi. We don’t have any new campaigns or packs in the plans for now. Usually, combo packages give only access to existing works, not future ones.

    1. Hi. It’s almost complete now. I’m currently adding translations and possibly new devices support.

      1. Nossa que legal espero que tenha uma Tradução para Português do Brasil ou de Portugal

  32. Playing a sandbox mode with a river feature. Power plant (coal) is opposite side of river to the city that needs the power. How do I connect the city to the power plant? Power lines won’t reach

    1. Power lines can cross rivers if the distance is not too great. Try to find a good spot on the shore.

  33. The future updates includes having a containers in every city and ports in sandbox, right? As well as the tunnels?

  34. Olá Boa Tarde, uma coisa que iria ajudar muito são túneis. Exemplo no modo campanha com montanhas poderia ter túneis para facilitar a travessia dos trens fracos que precisam ou passar por cima ou dar uma volta gigantesca para chegar ao Destino final aí os Túneis iriam Funcionar bem parecido com às pontes.

    1. Hello Good Afternoon, one thing that would help a lot are tunnels. Example in campaign mode with mountains could have tunnels to facilitate the crossing of weak trains that need to go over or take a gigantic turn to reach the final destination, then the tunnels would work very similar to bridges.

      I’m posting this comment again because I forgot to translate it so I guess you couldn’t even read it so there was no response

      1. Hello. Unfortunately tunnels are not in the plans for RR2. I experimented a bit with them: the map system is not well suited, because tunnel entries and exits require very steep slopes. Most maps in RR2 are too smooth.

    1. Good. The translation is still ongoing. It happens to be much more difficult than expected for some languages.

  35. Happy New Year DeckEleven, will the next update only come with the translation into other languages ​​or will there also be something like functionality, new things in the search tab, something that will possibly come with a paid plan? if you have just answer yes or no because this update may be a surprise for the new year, right?

    1. Happy Holidays! There are still some issues to fix with Korean, but the plan is to post the update with new languages at the beginning of 2023 (First quarter).

  36. I’m testing the update I’m happy because I just bought the combo with coal, diesel and electric and I’ll be able to enjoy the game in my native language

    1. I would like to ask for one thing a new technology to have to search for the prizes that I acquired in the campaign mode and it appears if the person has not won the item in this way to complete this research you need to finish the campaign it says in which campaign you need to complete for the prize

      1. That’s a good idea. The thing with translation is that now, any change is very complicated, because it requires sending the game again to 7 translators.
        I’ll note it anyway in case I make a new patch at some point.

  37. This Evaluation I am using as an example Mission 10 of the Age of Electricity, but it can be used for any level with a Nuclear explosion, This suggestion is not to be included in the next update, it is just a suggestion to complete the game even with the existing limitations

    In Mission 10 of the Age of Electricity levels, when the Nuclear Reactor explodes it could happen at least in Inhoufew City, it could appear written closed due to everyone having died by the Nuclear explosion, and in the other buildings this also appears with a different text.
    It would also be nice to appear as if all the trains had broken down nearby.
    It would be interesting if there was a greenish fog on the map when a Nuclear explosion happens

    Is it a Tremendous Explosion or a Minimal an Explosion sound

  38. Hello DeckEleven’s I need the Game to be able to save the Progress in My Google Play Games Account, Because I want to record Videos for YouTube and I’m going to have to reset the game and I don’t want to lose my Progress and as I have more than one account I could save my normal progress is also the progress of the Series that I will do can you help me with that?

    1. Hello.
      The game does not support Google Play Games, but game data can be backed up by the regular Google Android backup/restore:

      If you do this, don’t forget to disable the automatic backup, because if your reset your game progress, the automatic backup could save after your reset.
      Also a backup can take up to 24h, so make sure the backup is actually complete (see the google page above…)

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