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Welcome to the dev blog

Hi, I’m Jerome, the indie developer behind DeckEleven.

For two years and a half now, I’ve been working on Railroads 2, rebuilding the game engine from scratch, modeling trains and buildings, adding new gameplay ideas, scraping very bad ones…

It was a bumpy road, but the game is now well advanced and the plan is to release a first version, hopefully in a few months.

One of the first tutorial mission

In the meantime, I thought it could be nice to share with you, players, the development progress.

The game will be released in at least three steps: Coal campaign first, then Diesel and Electric campaigns. It will be a journey and new features will be added all along.

Night mode is a work in progress

I received many e-mails from people who liked the first Railroads game and encouraged me to work on a sequel. I would like to thank you for the support and feedback

Don’t hesitate to continue to post your ideas and comments on the blog. Many of the ideas implemented in Railroads 2 come from these discussions, and there is still room for improvements.

Maps have sides !

If you prefer to wait until the game is fully finished, please sign up to the Newsletter. I’ll let you know as soon as the game is done.

You can also use the contact form if you have any question or comment.

71 thoughts on “Welcome to the dev blog

    1. The traffic light system has been completely reworked in Railroads 2. I’ll make a post about it soon.

        1. It’s not possible. Sorry. The fuel drop off station is a campaign gift building. You can’t upgrade it.

  1. 1. When i want to recreate a railway i should not delete my train and create again.
    2. When i decrease the number of car of train i should earn some money. For example i made 6 cars for train and then i decided that it should have less then 6 cars so when i wanna decrease the number of cars, it might make some income for me.

    1. Train creation/deletion is also very different in Railroads 2. Creating trains is now easier and it will be possible to clone existing configurations. This allows to create busy lines very easily. When you reduce the number of cars in a train, you get a partial refund for the used cars. I’ll make a post about money management soon.

  2. When i produce (for example) automobiles there should not be limit of 9 automobiles. It should continue to produce like 10 11 12 13….

  3. Please hurry up to done the game. While everyone stays at home you should do it 🙂 Can’t wait…

  4. First… How do I navigate to the rest of the blog? Or are we that brand new?
    Ok. Quick critiques on V. 1.00. Laying tracks is awkward, maybe clunky is better. Never can predict how it will lie. And you can only “Undo” the last piece. Terrain is very hard to anticipate. Long piece of track that is supposed to go thru that gully and UNDER another one, and just stops. I’ve never actually tested it, but I’m sure bulldozing recoups little if any money.
    I agree with the above comment about removing cars, sure, I’ll pay a restock. No wear and tear tho. I maintain my equipment! LOL. And about redrawing my track, having to delete the entire train? Pricey. Often have to just change station track number, 10 ft of track , cheap. 500 hats and 3000💸💸💸, not so much.
    Instead of just complaining…..: Suggestions:
    How about a trainyard, not on the map, but an icon, allows for a “garage” as it were. Maybe limits per level, so doesn’t get stupid.

    More thots forthcoming. Would like to read what others have suggested, so as to not repeat them, but build of their ideas. The garage was born from the comments on this page. (At least to me, I’ll bet you already have the garage).
    Thanks for letting me ramble…

    1. Yes brand new blog! The first post is only one day old. I’ll update with more posts while the development goes on.
      The terrain system has been reworked totally. The idea is to have an easier and more enjoyable time building tracks, but also to better take grades and curves into account when computing train physics.
      I like the train yard idea. I agree that reworking a train line can be difficult if you have to recreate all the trains.
      The finance system will be different, and it is not as expensive though: hats no longer required ! More on that later.

  5. I am so excited to hear that this is coming. Love the first edition and can’t wait to play the new one. Will it be available on the Play Store (Android)?

    1. Thanks for the support 🙂
      The plan is to deliver a first version for Android, then iOS.

  6. I am very excited now.I am big fan Deceleven game. It’s one of the best game i have played ever.

  7. Hi sir, please make new trains and new citys and people, animals can move people and animals are moving so game like very real and many users can download so please edit

  8. I would like to see a free mode where I can design and build a city without being limited to just a few maps, maybe you can have that as an unlock feature when you have completed the game or certain still playing the original every day. And I would love to beta test your new game

    1. You can build railroad stations, coaling towers and other special buildings.There is also a sandbox mode where you are free to build as you wish.

      1. How do I place buildings in sandbox mode? It seems like I missed something.
        Can’t get enough of this game! Love it!

        1. You cannot place industries in sandbox mode. You can only place railroads buildings.
          If you want some industries use other game modes.

          1. In sandbox mode is there a way to complete each level? What needs to be done for the Railroads Empire box to be ticked?

  9. Hey. I’m back! Quick updates. Hey Suleyman, just figured out you don’t always have to delete a train to change the tracks! Here’s what you do. Create your new track while original train is still operating. Like changing track number 1 to number 2 at a station, just add the little spot. Then pause your train and change it’s waypoints! Now it goes on the new track, no deleting! And, if the new track cannot be built w/o destroying the old one, just create a short piece of track somewhere out of the way, change your trains waypoints to that section and instead of “tap to start” just hit “done”, upper right corner, and train is ghosted onto that spot. Go fix your tracks and move it back!

    Hope this helps!

  10. When exactly it will release? I can wait forever ¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

    1. The game is playable. There are still bugs to iron out, and some last features to perfect before release.
      We won’t set an official release date, because everything in an indie developer life is uncertain. If you follow the blog, you’ll be the first to know 😉

  11. I wish to see more countries. Maybe even transportation between countries. For example from Turkey to Iran or from Germany to France maybe. It would be so nice.

  12. Is it on deckeleven railroads 2. There are Indonesian levels and countries? Please answer!

    1. Levels in Railroads 2 are not organized around countries. The game is more inclusive this way.

        1. Unfortunately, no translation is planned for the moment. Translations will depend on the game success.

          1. I do translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese, if you want. Let me know 🙂
            Desperately awaiting for next campaign haha

          2. We are currently working on diesel and electric campaigns. We will consider translations after that.

  13. Is there any river or ocean in sandbox? Ive been resetting games over and over again from simple to hard, but water features do not appear. This is the best game. What should I do? Thanks

  14. Railroad 2, Really have a great look and feel, is it possible to add camera view from a pessenger point of view standing or sitting at a station platform. It would be so nice.

  15. How to create a express passenger line >1.4.
    I created passenger trains but the city is short of providing required passengers. I could reach Max of 0.9.
    Please help me.

    1. The key is to create a train with very few passenger cars, and a very fast locomotive.
      Also make sure your train use the shortest possible path, by using fast bridges.

      1. When is the next update coming. I have completed all 20 levels (even paid ones). Pls tell tentative date.

        1. It’s a matter of days now. Just the time to finish the last tests and get approval from Google.

  16. I’ve tried to have two medium stations ( two tracks) connected with two parallel tracks . but it insists I use only the track next to the platform. Can I use the two tracks separate? Make sence?
    Station Station

    1. Yes it’s possible. Use the Path Selector (the clipboard icon on the left) to choose which path you prefer.

  17. The game is awsome, Really loved it. Even bought the coal as cucumber dlc. Plz tell me when is the next update coming out. As I can’t wait anymore.

    1. It’s a matter of days now. Just the time to finish the last tests and get approval from Google.

  18. Hi i purchased coal as cucumber package, now for oil abroad it is again asking to purchase.
    Should i purchase again?

    1. Hello. The Oil Aboard! campaign is included in the Diesel DLC, not in the Steam DLC.
      However, if you already purchased the Steam DLC, you should get a discount on the Diesel DLC.

  19. In the new expansion “oil aboard” why don’t we start off with a diesel engine like we did with the stem. It makes it very pricey to research that early to gain those items. And when you don’t research them the steam just eats up all your money.

    1. Not all missions have a “Coal crisis”. With update 2.3, there will be even less. It’s the choice of the player to play with steam or diesel.
      Besides, researching the first diesel locomotive is very fast, so not so expensive.

          1. In this level, there is a “coal crisis”, which means using steam locomotives will be very expensive. Use only diesel locomotives instead.
            Don’t hire too many engineers early in the game to avoid research costs.
            Research the first diesel locomotive, and the first fuel depot.
            Then deliver resources as fast as possible.
            If you need to take a loan, research Financial planning first.

  20. I’m completely lost in oil aboard mission 6. I have tried everything to try and get it to 70%

  21. Okay so I’m stuck on. Oil aboard mission 6. I can’t seem to get the eco score to 70… I get it to 60 and then I can’t get it higher.

    I also have a suggestion on creating a Facebook page so players can get tips from each other when we get stuck.

      1. Same problem I faced, for Fuel plant Steel is required, for steel coal is required but to produce coal there is not enough wood because only 40 units of wood is present after that I fail to get additional wood for coal …..kindly advice on this.

  22. I’m also completely lost in oil aboard mission 6. I have tried everything to try and get it to 70% …………Same problem I faced, for biodiesel Fuel plant, Steel is required, but to produce steel, coal is required and to produce coal there is not enough wood, because only 40 units of wood is present after that I fail to get additional wood for coal and got stuck.…Biofuel plant production unit is asking 50 cars of Steel which is next to impossible to produce as wood is not at all available……kindly advice on this.

    1. In this mission you have to balance date and wood delivery. If the wood stock stays at zero, it’s probably because production is halted because the warehouse is full of dates. Delivery some dates, and woods will appear.

  23. I would like to see steam locomotives being able to burn oil or the other fuel the diesels use in this game.

  24. So far, I like this game! But I’d really recommend a tech tree branch for mixed traffic steam locomotives, as well as oil burning steam locomotives (which exist in the US). I’d also like another free campaign to unlock new features in the sandbox (though I like using Saturn in replaying the previous campaign levels). So far, great job!

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