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First beta release (ended)

Our closed beta has ended.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Your feedback/bug reports helped us improve the game. We are now working on our first official release and to develop the features inspired by your feedback.

Don’t hesitate to use the form below if you have any comments.

You can try the game now!

Beta program

If you have remarks, comments, or issues with the game, please use the following form. Make sure to include as much information as possible.

We are particularly interested in knowing your feedback about the game balance. Is it too easy ? Is it too hard ? Let us know…

    14 thoughts on “First beta release (ended)

      1. Don’t route your lines on steep, short slopes. Prefer longer lines and gentler slopes.
        Also try to use less cars.

        1. provide a place to store data, on Google Play and internal memory so that we don’t lose the game when changing phones

          1. Savegames are saved in app data storage, which is backed up by Android 6.0+ to your Google drive account.

            1. Yes, but you have to provide a button to save data manually like the one on the Playstation (memory card), for us it is very important to be able to load data in offline mode, also so as not to lose data when changing mobile devices hehe
              Thanks before, it’s awesome game

    1. Nice nice very nice game and i am 1st of the gamer can complet free camping so i am very happy and i am wait for more levels so tell me sir how much to release a new game update some new levels i am very excited to play more levels and new trains.

      1. Well done! 🙂
        The last levels are very challenging.
        I’m currently working on the beta. As soon as it is finished, I will start building the final release.

      2. Sorry to say but i have finished all the levels at the same day of release 😅

      1. The beta is still in progress, with new player every day. I’m waiting for the feedback of the maximum number of players to balance the gameplay.
        When the beta is done, the next campaigns can be adapted and released.

        1. It’s a great game who i love than the others games, like sid meiers in pc
          i’m very excited to waiting an update and play more levels and trains
          Thankyou so much sir

      1. Thanks. Yes level 7 is definitely too hard. You are not alone. I’ll adjust the difficulty in the final release.

    2. Zeker niet de niveau s aanpassen..
      Erg leuk om juist een moeilijk level te hebben en goed over keuses na te denken…

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