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Gameplay Preview

Many of you are very eager to try the game. As a gamer, I understand the feeling. Hang in there! It should not be too long now.

We are working as fast as possible to fix the last bugs and polish the game content. The plan is to have an early access version released before the end of May.

In the meantime here are 9 minutes of gameplay preview. Enjoy !

9 thoughts on “Gameplay Preview

  1. where will this game be released? in the play store or on this blog first?

    1. Both. The game will be available to download on the play store and announced first on the blog.

  2. Hello. hi deckelven,Are you going to post a preview of the sandbox mode ?. Please reply!

    1. The beta has just started. When the beta is over, the game will be available in the official store.

  3. I think the balance is just right. It’s challenging, especially from level 8 on (incidentally, the one you’ve shown above. Researching a medium station was the first thing I did too on this level), but not impossible. You get the feeling that you can do it, you just need to iron out your mistakes.

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