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First release available!

The first release is live!

After three years of hard work, 253 liters of hot cocoa and countless sleepless nights, the game is finally available on Google Play.

A mainline/branch line setup

It took more time than expected, but I think it was worth the extra hours. The beta has been completely reworked to take players’ feedback into account and add new features:

  • Difficulty is now more balance. Maps are faster paced. Research is quicker.
  • Train cloning: you can now update a whole group of train clones at once.
  • Station upgrade: upgrade a station without destroying the previous one. You can also update your routes with the new platform.
  • New path selector tool: choose more precisely the paths of your trains. No more unexpected routes during traffic jam!
  • Auto add signal: For faster track layout, when you create a track the router can now add the signals for you.
  • Performance optimization: high fps, particularly on slower devices.
  • Complete steam campaign. And many more things…
Not much space on this island!

You can get the game here. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

15 thoughts on “First release available!

    1. Thanks for the bug report. I uploaded a new version (1.0.1). It should be available soon (when Google accepts it).
      Let me know if it fixes your problem

    2. hi I also experienced it, but you can zoom out on the screen. after that zoom in. then the item does not blink again. thank you

      1. It happens when the framerate goes too low. The UI dynamic can’t keep up and loses it.
        I uploaded a fix, but Google is taking a looooong time to accept it.

    1. You can only connect one station to an industry (see the blue arrow).

      Your second station is not connected.

  1. I have finished all the stages again. I’m looking forward to see “coming soon”s.

  2. How do I place things like logging camps, etc.. in sandbox mode? Otherwise I love everything else about this game?

    1. The sandbox mode can be used to test some tracks layouts or routing ideas. It’s not really designed as a map editor.
      Maybe I’ll add this possibility in a future update.

    1. We are working on it!
      But it takes time and hard work to make a new campaign. At least 2 months.
      Stay tune for updates and previews.

        1. No. Unfortunately the iOS version has been cancelled :/
          since Apple won’t support OpenGL in recent iOS version.
          Sorry about that.

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