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Station Upgrade

Did you know that you don’t need to destroy a station or recreate all your routes when you want to upgrade a station?

Here is how it is done:

This is a station we want to upgrade. Notice how this station is used by a train. The train is using the single platform.

A single platform station

Tap on the station to open the station view, then expand the menu on the bottom right. Then choose Upgrade Station.

Upgrade station menu

You station has now two platforms! But it seems the train is only using the first platform.

Upgraded station

This is normal: by default the game won’t change your routes when you upgrade a station. It does not know yet if you want your trains to use the new platform.

To make your train use the second platform. Tap on the train to open the train view. Then expand the train menu. Choose Edit Route. Open the Path Selector tool (it’s the clipboard icon on the left).

Then tap Recalculate routes

Recalculate route in the Path Selector

Voilà! The train is now using all the platforms.

Train is using all the platforms

If for some reason you want to disable some platforms or paths, you can use the Path Selector tool.

Have a look at this post for more details: Advanced Routing: Path Selector

4 thoughts on “Station Upgrade

  1. Loved the update and glad I bought Coal as Cucumber. Thanx! May I suggest in future updates you create a “Straighten Track” option? I know its mostly aesthetics but it does save fuel traveling a straight line instead of all those little curves we create when creating Track.
    Thank You

    1. That’s a good idea. It’s possible to make straight tracks with the current tool, but not that easy.

    2. Try creating short segments and then attempting longer ones. Sometimes it wants to lay a nice long curved path but practice makes perfect.

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