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Diesel Package Available!

The Diesel Package is available!

After four months of non-stop hard word, you can now enjoy playing with diesel locomotives and fuel depots (beware of the fumes though)

Play in the sand desert

This package includes:

  • The Oil Aboard! campaign
  • A new diesel gameplay
  • 4 new diesel locomotives
  • 3 sizes of fuel depots
  • 12 new industries and resources
  • 3 new kinds of terrain
  • 1 surprise gift

The update also comes with two new free warehouse buildings, new Railropedia articles, and many fixes and under the hood improvements.

Fuelling logistics!

You can get the package directly from the game. Please update your game to version 2.0.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

27 thoughts on “Diesel Package Available!

  1. I am running a sandbox game and there seems to be no way to make petrochemicals for plastic, am I missing something?

  2. Am I missing something on the Oil Spill mission (mission 7 oil campaign) I need plastic to open the oil refinery but I need oil to make plastic.

    1. You don’t need oil to open the oil refinery. It’s already open.
      You can take the oil from the spills to the oil refinery, then deliver petroleum to the plastics plant to make plastics with it.

  3. Having trouble on Oil mission 6– I’ve got all my trains using Hybrid engines and can only get to an eco rating of 60%. The headquarters research options for ecology bonuses are missing– they were there in the coal campaign. Bug, maybe?

    Great game!


    1. I think I may have answered my own question– trains have to be running on biodiesel to get a higher rating, correct? I have to shut down the oil refinery in lieu of the biodiesel plant…?

      Again, fantastic game!


      1. Thanks for the feedback 🙂
        That’s right! You have to make your train run on biodiesel. You don’t need to shutdown the oil refinery, but you have to fill your fuel depots with biodiesel.

  4. Very nice new campaign. I just managed to complete it, but cannot figure out was the purpose of the surprise gift is. Maybe a railopedia article on that would be usefull?

    1. Thanks 🙂
      We can’t make a Railropedia article, because it’s a hidden gift, but I can say this gift allows you to play with diesel trains on maps where there is no oil or diesel sources.

  5. In the first mission, my shorty is not getting refuelled at the stations. Am I missing something ?

    1. Diesel trains can only be refueled at fuel depots. Please play the first mission of the diesel campaign for a tutorial

  6. Hi! I have finished the diesel campaign. I recieved the surprise but I don’t know how to use it. SURPRISE! Haha. No seriously tho, how do you use it?

    1. I can’t say too much, but this surprise is very useful on maps where there is no oil wells or refineries.
      It can be used to replay the coal campaign with only diesel trains for example.

  7. Am I missing something? I installed a 2 track fuel depot but can only fuel up on the inside track instead of both tracks. Is this the same for other fuel depots?

    1. I just checked. I can refuel correctly on any track of a 2 tracks fuel depot (upgraded or not) or any depot.
      Are you sure your train is stopping at the fuel depot and that the action “Refuel” is in the train schedule?

    1. No sorry, it’s not possible. The fuel drop off station is a campaign gift building. It cannot be upgraded.

  8. La campagne diesel mission 3 je perd de l argent et ne peut avancer comment démarrer correctement

    1. Cette mission a la pĂ©nalitĂ© “coal crisis” (crise du charbon). Cela signifie qu’utiliser des locomotives Ă  vapeur sera extrĂŞmement cher.
      Utilisez plutĂ´t des locomotives diesel pour gagner de l’argent.

  9. I replay the greenwashing in the latest update (due to my boredom recently), and I found out that it takes me too much time to the part that the player should use the biodiesel and closed permanently the oil wells. Did I miss something?

    1. For this mission, you must deliver one car (one regular car) to trigger the greenwashing event.

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