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Electric Dreams Trailer

Good news! The development of the Electric Dreams expansion is in the very last stage. And we have a release date!

Available September 2021

After 6 months of hard work and sleepless nights, all that remains to be done is to complete the final testing runs, add some sound FX and iron out the last bugs, and you’ll finally be able to play the last campaign.

All campaigns are complete!

The new expansion adds a brand new game play with electrified tracks, traction substations, power plants and power supply networks.

And also: a new campaign, 2 tutorial missions + 10 very challenging missions for the tycoon fans, new sceneries, 14 new industries, 4 new electric locomotives, and a special gift!

The savanna scenery

The new campaign can be played fully with electric locomotives (don’t be scared of blackouts!)

Or if you prefer diesel or steam trains, you can also play all the missions with your favorite locomotives of the other packs.

The new campaign is designed to be very challenging, so be sure to train your tycoon skills of the first two campaigns.

A fully electrified railroads network

And finally, here is the trailer. I hope you’ll enjoy it:

See you in September!

44 thoughts on “Electric Dreams Trailer

  1. it Looks great and Awesome.
    more challenging = more Fun to solve it.
    new building deigns also looks great.

  2. Yieeee! Can’t wait to play this within 1 month. Salute to you, the developer of Deckeleven Railroads 2. More new updates to come and see you. From the PhilippinesπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  3. Can’t wait to see it on my screen πŸ˜€

    One suggest for further approvement;
    On revising the old campaigns und rearranging tracks to optimize, I’m missing the possibility to see witch tracks aren’t in use.
    Maybe the track lights might switch to yellow if there is no train planed to use it.
    [Alternate like in Railroad1 when in bulldozer mode(“x” when in use, “o” when unused).]
    I would prefer the track light solution, as the switch sign also comes automatically, so there seems already be a check in background πŸ˜‰

      1. Also add feature to customize the sandox with custom land with river or water resources, custom industry and cities. This will engage gamers a lot to design railroads by thier own way.

  4. Hello deckeleven’s railroads 2 dev
    Is september
    The nice update no get released
    What a fix fΓ’Θ›e of release for Electric expansion??????

  5. The update has been uploaded yesterday (01/09).
    We are now all waiting for Google approval.
    I’ll make a new post as soon as they do.
    Hang in there! πŸ™‚

    1. Im waited s-o much
      What a expecymt Time for goggle aproval
      Deckeleven’s you made a nice games <3

      1. It’s very hard to predict. There is not guarantee.
        Usually it’s only a few hours or a day, but the review process can take much longer when they are short staffed.

    1. Every time an update is uploaded to Google Play, it is blocked and reviewed by Google before reaching people’s devices. It usually takes a few hours, but it can also take up to a week, when they are short-staffed.
      We don’t have any control over this process. I hope it won’t be too long now.

  6. I have the game completely played though on my old phone. On my new phone it is all lost. Can you put in a restore progress function?

    1. There is already the backup system of Android. It can backup all your old phone data, including savegames, and move it to your new one. It works for all the apps, but it must be setup prior to installing the new phone.

  7. the diesel dlc was pretty challenging during some of the missions as the whole fuel economy was hard to manage, the Electric dlc seems pretty simple comparatively from what you’ve shown us this far so im excited about to see what you came up with in order to make it equally as fun/challenging as the last release.

  8. Yesterday the update was possible, but not by the automatic updates, just on the download itself.

    Really tricky tasks, i still work on Mission 3.

    Is it with purpose, that the wind turbine and the Geothermal Plant can not be destroyed if they were placed by mistake?

    I won’t tell the other mistakes I did, for everybody to learn themselves 😁

    1. Wind turbines and geothermal plant can be destroyed like other stations:
      – tap on it to open the station view.
      – tap the menu icon in the lower right
      – tap “destroy building”

      1. Ok, I’m stupid. lol

        Found a bug(at least i guess);

        when rearranging a route, it is possible to choose a wind turbine/geo plant, as a route point. It won’t work, despite missing rails.

        1. and after suceeding Mission 4( Elephant dream), if you continue the mission , target changes to delivery uranium, but no place to unload…

          On first try of the Mission, the adaption of mission targets although failed, so that i had also to continue delivering uranium and no place to unload..

          1. It’s been fixed in version 3.0.2. Please update as soon as the update has reached your Google play app.

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