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Electric Dream Preview: Sky Trains!

Development of the Electric Dream expansion is making good progress.

All the new electric locomotives and cars are now ready.

Electric locomotives

The new industry buildings are more or less complete too.

Nuclear industry

We are now in the process of creating all the campaign maps and missions.

To give you an idea of how this works, I’d like to share something a bit different with you, this time.

Here is a “behind the scene” video showing how we made the new airport building. That’s right! With the Electric Dream expansion, you’ll be able to connect your railroad network to a brand new international airport. Let’s play with intermodal transportation!

For the technical ones: the 3D graphics and animations are made mainly with Blender and Krita.
Those are two amazing open source software.

Check them out:

19 thoughts on “Electric Dream Preview: Sky Trains!

  1. Bug report:
    After researching for Land Grants (25% building price reduction), if you use “undo” function in the track builder, it still refunds you 100%.
    Therefore you can earn money with that. (-75 per track section, +100 refund per section)

  2. Nice work! I’m eagerly to play the Electric Dream. Could you add a permit were the player allowed the “Double Headed” locomotives to haul goods/passengers. It would be useful also for more smooth run in the uphill

    1. Thanks 🙂 The double headed locomotive permit is in the todo list, but I’ll have to think about it. I’m a bit concerned with unbalancing the gameplay, particularly for maps with steep slopes.

  3. Hi, how much more time for the new update team?
    It surely feels like Waiting for it since eternity!

    1. Hi. there is no official release date, because this project is a passion, not a full time job.
      I understand your eagerness, but a few months is not a very long time to develop something so complex with the proper quality.
      Oh, and it’s not a team, more like a one-man garage band 🙂

  4. What date for lauch new update for Electric expansion?
    Im love deck elevens railroad sooo much

  5. speed should be increased atleast electric once we dont know about electic locos,,,but should 300kmph

    1. It will depends on the engine, but the Electric dream package will definitely include hi-speed trains.

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