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Electric Dreams Preview: Sky Trains!

Development of the Electric Dreams expansion is making good progress.

All the new electric locomotives and cars are now ready.

Electric locomotives

The new industry buildings are more or less complete too.

Nuclear industry

We are now in the process of creating all the campaign maps and missions.

To give you an idea of how this works, I’d like to share something a bit different with you, this time.

Here is a “behind the scene” video showing how we made the new airport building. That’s right! With the Electric Dream expansion, you’ll be able to connect your railroad network to a brand new international airport. Let’s play with intermodal transportation!

For the technical ones: the 3D graphics and animations are made mainly with Blender and Krita.
Those are two amazing open source software.

Check them out:

46 thoughts on “Electric Dreams Preview: Sky Trains!

  1. Bug report:
    After researching for Land Grants (25% building price reduction), if you use “undo” function in the track builder, it still refunds you 100%.
    Therefore you can earn money with that. (-75 per track section, +100 refund per section)

      1. Just hit a little mistake, would not say bug ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Building a little Station costs 1000.
        Building a middle Station costs 2000.
        Upgrading a little station to middle station costs 2000, in total 3000.
        Shouldn’t it be in the end the same price in total.
        same for track sets etc.

  2. Nice work! I’m eagerly to play the Electric Dream. Could you add a permit were the player allowed the “Double Headed” locomotives to haul goods/passengers. It would be useful also for more smooth run in the uphill

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ The double headed locomotive permit is in the todo list, but I’ll have to think about it. I’m a bit concerned with unbalancing the gameplay, particularly for maps with steep slopes.

  3. Hi, how much more time for the new update team?
    It surely feels like Waiting for it since eternity!

    1. Hi. there is no official release date, because this project is a passion, not a full time job.
      I understand your eagerness, but a few months is not a very long time to develop something so complex with the proper quality.
      Oh, and it’s not a team, more like a one-man garage band ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What date for lauch new update for Electric expansion?
    Im love deck elevens railroad sooo much

  5. speed should be increased atleast electric once we dont know about electic locos,,,but should 300kmph

    1. It will depends on the engine, but the Electric dream package will definitely include hi-speed trains.

  6. Hi deckelevens railroads 2 pls make discord server for thr games plase

  7. Kdy se uลพ mลฏลพeme pล™ibliลพnฤ› doฤkat elektricke aktualizace?

  8. This is looking great!
    I was wondering if electrified lines will have to be built as such from the start or can established lines for steam or diesel be electrified later? I have a couple of sandbox layouts that have gone through steam to diesel and I am now reserving to electrify! They more-or-less represent real layouts.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
      For the time being, it isn’t possible to electrify an existing line directly, not because it’s impossible, but because it’s a gameplay pushback.
      In some scenarios, you’ll have to tear down existing lines, to build newer electrified lines.
      Gameplay testing is still in progress, so this could change.

  9. can coal/diesel train s can run on electrified track
    they need dedicated track

    1. Like in real life, diesel and coal trains can run on electrified tracks, but electrified trains cannot run on regular tracks.

  10. could you little bit modify like-
    larger map in sanbox
    max 15 to 25 rail cart it will look more realistic
    if possible the view from inside the train
    that dark blur effect, i dont like it when you follow a train
    can you add larger station upto 6 train with longer length
    also custom lights, trees, water, map type in sandbox.
    love your games big fan.
    thanks from AVNSH 100

  11. Well done so far, eventhough my mobile is sometimes at his limits, but I can’t take the hands off.

    Maybe its allready on your list, but if not, I would be grateful after introducing the electric world.

    more possibilities of creating the sandbox, like layout(hills, water, cliff), number of industries/towns.

    or a more various random. my first sandbox was really tough, since then the rest was less chalenging

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ The plan is indeed to improve the sandboxes after the electric campaign

  12. Great game
    Can’t believe you have done it mostly alone, incredible work. Is there any more news on the electric package? I come on here every day lol and check my update app list, to see if there is any news. Really looking forward to seeing it once it’s done.

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ All the new industry and station buildings, new locomotives and cars, new resources, campaign maps and new UI are done. The game mechanics for the electric system are also complete. 40% of the missions are written and playable. There is still some work to do. I cannot give you an exact date, but this is the last leg hopefully!
      Every thing depends on the time available this month.
      Hang in there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Hey Sam, I am doing the same too…. Checking the blog everyday and my Playstore for update! Sometimes I do laugh at myself ๐Ÿ˜œ

      1. oh…bro comon!!!!!
        there are still more and more people waiting for the update without frustrating you
        i am one in that

  13. Great.
    I’m wondering if the electric trains will regenerate Electricity by going downhill, maybe this will be an extra boost for trains going uphill ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And i have got a little wish:
    After selecting a train/city/industrie building, you can easily switch from one to another, only within this categorie.
    At all buildings (stations/track sets/fuel depot..) you switch over all. Maybe it would be possible to limit it, so that, if you have chosen a fuel depot, you only switch from one to another and not to e.g. a track set, depending of time of being built.

    1. IRL, some locomotives do regenerate electricity when going downhill if they are equipped with regenerative braking. The generated power goes back to the power distribution network. For some time, I did consider it, but the problem is that it creates instability in the system. For instance, some trains far on the railroads can run out of power, just because there aren’t enough trains braking at one moment, then the problem disappear and the player cannot know why. It makes the design of the power network very difficult.
      I finally went for a simpler simulation: trains have a fixed power requirement, and the player must build the power distribution network for it. They are still some gameplay pushbacks related to the power distribution. For instance, a track is powered only if it is close enough to a traction station. And, as in the real world, if a power distribution network is overloaded, it will disconnect from the power plants, leading to a railroad-wide blackout. The player will also have some meaningful choices: For instance, he can choose to build a distributed power distribution network that is more resilient to a global blackout, but more costly and energy wasteful, or he can build a map-wide network that is cost-effective and energy-efficient but could suffer from global overloads. The player can also choose to outsource power production to existing power plants, or build his own power plants. Of course, it will require major investments. It is also possible to choose cheap and dirty power sources, like coal plants, or more eco-friendly solutions like wind turbines.
      That being said, electric trains will have a boost when going uphill, because they are much more powerful and efficient than steam or diesel trains, so they are not as affected by steep slopes. Some new maps are specifically designed for this, with very steep mountains to climb.
      I’ll also note your other suggestion in the todo list. I too find myself tapping the “next” button a lot when trying to find a particular station ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Hey Brother’ you Are doing a very very nice work Railroads 2 has been improved very much. I would love to test the game for you. This will save your time you invest in testing the game. Well I hope the new expansion will be out soon this year. Thanks for a nice game. Looking forward for a Great Sandbox Edition update too.

  14. Is there a Patreon, or other way to boost our support? I love this game and have got more hours out of it than the $ that I have put in. I’d love for us to raise enough so you could take time off your “day job.” Let us know I’m sure the fans would step up and at least give you enough for a nice meal!

    1. Come on. Read the other comments. They don’t know exactly yet, they’re working hard though.

  15. whatever it may be !!!!! i am eagerly waiting for the update !!!
    i would like to help but dont know exat way that i can do

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