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Electric Dreams Available!

Guess what! It’s September… The Electric Dreams campaign is now available! (finally…)

After many months of development and hard work, you can now play with electric trains.

Electricity comes in many forms

But also, nuclear power plants, biomass incinerators, wind turbines, geothermal plants, power supply networks, traction substations and much more…

Be prepared for a challenge! Running an optimized electrified railways without blackouts requires a true tycoon spirit, with an engineer touch. This campaign is definitely designed for the fans.

Be prepared for a challenge!

This new package includes:

  • The Electric Dreams campaign
  • A new electrified railways gameplay
  • 4 new electric locomotives
  • 5 new types of electric substations and power stations
  • 14 new industries, new resources
  • 4 new kinds of terrain
  • 1 surprise gift

This update also comes with many bug fixes and improvements.

You can get the package directly from the game. Please update first to version 3.0.1.

I hope you’ll like it!

182 thoughts on “Electric Dreams Available!

  1. already boguht the dlc and im very excited to check it out, though its 10pm so i dont really feel like staying up the whole night to try it, it’ll be very fun on the weekend in the morning though, from the tutorial alone it looks like it’ll be splendid.

  2. Previously we could deliver goods even though goods storage is 10/10 but now we Have to wait for the goods to be consumed then it will be delivered.
    This is how it meant to be ?
    I liked previous method to over deliver goods.

    1. If you choose the regular load/unload action, the train will be unloaded even if the storage is full. This is the default behavior and it hasn’t changed.
      If you explicitly request a full unload action, the train will be unloaded only if the store has room. This is very useful to keep power plants stocked with coal or diesel without wasting resources or occupying main lines.

  3. I’m playing electric dream rn. And its a bit confused for me coz so many to set up things. But its enjoyable, really. Thank you for the hardwork and effort😊

  4. can you please make a video on youtube explaining track sets. i never understood how the track sets work even when seeing railpedia example.

    1. Track sets are the same as stations. They work exactly the same: you can put a waypoint on it, and then trains can switch between multiple path when they reach the track set.
      The only difference is that trains don’t stop at track sets, but they stop at stations.
      Apart from that, they work exactly the same way.
      This post explains everything your need to know about switching on stations/track sets:

      1. We can do the same using switch signals & route selection, it works the same.
        Is there any other difference?

        1. Switch signals are created automatically by the game when you route to a station or a track set, and the train has multiple paths.
          So you need a station or track set for switch signal to appear.

  5. Allright i already have some feedback. The new campaign is great so far but what is annoying that existing track can not be electrified and has to be torn down and re built. Same goes for substations (and track sets), i wish these could be built into existing track sort of like “clip on” style. That would improve the game massively in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      Traction substations are always electrified.
      You don’t have to rebuild regular stations and tracks sets to electrify. If you connect an electrified track to them, they will be automatically electrified.
      I will consider adding a way to electrify an existing track in a future update.

      1. Problem is often enough i start building the tracks and i’m running steam only because i have not researched anything yet. Adding a substation then is painful if you have to tear down the track and connect it to it again because you need to stop the trains and it never really wants to orient 100% like i want to. That’s why i’m saying track sets and sub stations should be able to be built into the track without having to tear down the track again.

  6. I missed the reason showing why animals died in mission 4 of electric dreams campaign.
    What was the reason for animals to die ?

    1. they drank Waste Water That was Poured In The Lake Where They Were living,got poisoned and died.

  7. Tapping anywhere on screen skips the message/pop up due to which i missed it.
    Please make it such that message/pop-up can be skipped only on touch at continue.
    It is annoying as during playing message pops-up and i missed it due to editing railroad or other stuff due to i don’t know what’s happening now.
    As in mission 4 of electric dreams i don’t what to do to complete mission as i can’t deliver uranium as heli does not accepts it now.

    1. It would be good to have a mailbox in which messages are stored so that we can check again in case if we missed the message.

      1. in mission 4 of electric dreams – animals die due to excess pollution in land and water then later on more radiation pollution occurs due to which people stars leacing the city and city requires medicine. so later our objective is to deliever 50 passengers and medicine to complete the mission, delivery of uranium is canceled.

        1. But did you finish the mission 4? I’m currently playing the mission 4 of electric dreams. And i’m still moving the uranium into the helipad. The animals are dyingπŸ™

    2. i had to restart the whole mission because mission objective didn’t change for me, “D11” please look into it as it’s a bug due to which mission renders incomplete.
      here’s the difference between my 1st try and 2nd try of mission 4 :-
      1st try i delivered valuables while in 2nd try i didn’t deliver valuables at all.
      2nd try mission objective was successfully updated and i completed mission 4.

      1. in 1st try i used a lot of high speed train to deliver uranium and chemicals, while in 2nd try i only used high speed train to deliver medicine and passengers, and the game crashed only once when using high speed train.

      2. Yes there is indeed a bug with the mission goals when you save and reload mission 4.
        If you complete the mission in one go, you don’t have the issue.
        It will be fixed in the version 3.0.2 that is coming shortly.
        Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. I saw just saw two trains pass through each other and lot crash. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature but great game nevertheless!

  9. Yep, the game crashes a lot with Greenwashing. Maybe because of the number of trains or tracks. Now it takes around a minute to destroy a track and i just have to wait for it to happen. I’ve give up trying to electrify existing netowrks. Although the electic dreams levels are pretty noice. Great job with that D11!

    1. We are investing crashes when they are reported by Google. Crash reports are automatically uploaded to Google servers and it’s then possible to debug.
      Please make sure to opt in the automatically share usage and diagnostics data to allow Android to upload them.
      You can also upload your own crash reports within the game. Use the “Send Bug Report” feature, in the feedback menu.
      Please be aware that there are more than 14000 different types of Android devices in the wild, so it can take some time to fix everything (I’m only one man).
      If your game is slow, or crashes a lot, this may also be a hardware or OS issue. Please make sure you have enough storage space. Try to restart your device and stop resource consuming background apps.

    1. the company which made WAG-12 “Alstom” is a european company which already made similar locomotives for europe also that’s why they are similar.

  10. Bug report:
    In the…. 4th stage? the one with Uranium and dead elephants.
    After going into the “medicine and passenger” stage my game crashed (probably due to prolonged gameplay) and when I restart the level, the map is correctly saved (final stage) but the objective is still to deliver Uranium (there are no stations accepting Uranium any more) so I’m officially stuck.

    Also I think both non-tutorial levels so far are too long and complicated. They both took about 1-2 hours to complete.

    1. it happened for me too, i had to restart the mission and in 2nd try i didn’t deliver valuables and used highspeed train only to deliever passengers later on.

  11. guys use less number of high speed train as it may be the cause of crash in game, use of high speed train is advantageous only for delivery of passengers as rate accounts for speed too.

    1. I used HSR in the previous stage for very long range cargo (poor design) and it didn’t cause trouble. I think it’s simply because the playtime is way too long.

  12. OK, I tried to save the game and quit after the last part was triggered. It is STILL bugged.
    the game does not save the objective change.
    As such, this level is now unpassable.
    I might try to save before trigger and then complete it in one go but I’m not very optimistic about this.
    A bug fix would be the only surefire fix.

    1. Yes there is indeed a bug with the mission goals when you save and reload mission 4.
      If you complete the mission in one go, you don’t have the issue.
      It will be fixed in the version 3.0.2 that is coming shortly.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. The problem is if you open the town to see the stats during the second phase the game crashes. If you dont open it will be fine. I repeated the scenario 4 times with long play time…

        1. Wow. Good catch! Thanks for letting me know.
          It’s amazing that you found the problem cause without seeing the actual code.
          The good news, is that it is partially fixed too in version 3.0.2+. You won’t have a crash, even if the city view is not correct.

  13. Version 3.0.2 has been uploaded and is currently being reviewed by Google.
    Please update as soon as it has reached your Google Play app.
    It fixes:
    – the wrong goals in mission 4 after save/reload
    – the unexpected close of the tycoon briefing mid-game
    – some crashes for better stability

    1. Feels like you can’t, and as such, mission 8 is impossible.
      The city that requires power is on the different side from the power plant.

      Also, cities and facilities don’t accept power player-placed power sources (windmill, geothermal etc)

    2. You can take power over water, just remember distance between two tower is limited , so connect power line where land is close or river is narrow.
      I completed mission 8 yesterday like this.

      1. There is no water crossing short enough for power line to cross in mission 8. I spent 10 minutes trying.

      2. Meh, belay that, there is one. Maybe just one. It’s just too difficult to find and too roundabout.

    3. It is definitely possible to create power lines over water, or over a canyon, but only if the distance is not to big, so you have to search for a good spot and be creative.
      In mission 8, there are two points where it is possible. All places on the map can be powered by the oil power plant.
      Also there are other ways to power your network:
      – create your own power plants
      – create a substation on the edge of the cliff: power will be carried by rail track overhead line.

      1. Yeah but substations/own power plants doesn’t work for buildings that require power.

        Mission 8 ended up a nightmare (the ending map in my playthrough became so crowded in places that no more tracks could be built), and Mission 9 seems like one helluva race for efficiency.

    1. I did πŸ˜‰
      This is the last campaign, so it is designed to be challenging for the hardcore fans.
      The key to mission 10 is planning. To succeed, you have to always be a step ahead of the nuclear meltdown.

      1. It feels more like you have to PREDICT what’s gonna happen next. The meltdown mission is impossible to beat in the first try as you won’t know about the requirements next. You need to fail and fail and fail and fail and fail until you can recite the entire script.
        It is even advisable to deliberately slow down water delivery in stage 1 and 2 so that you don’t get into stage 3 too early. The mission is literally punishing you for being too effective.

      2. Please bro tell me how to complete this challenge.. i m getting fail fail n fail again n again…please…

    2. The meltdown one? it’s just soo punishing with no proper reason.
      I retried 5 times already and it just cabooms at the last second. (my last train with the water is just waiting to get into the station.
      first 3 tries are all bankrupt before stage 3 even happened, and then can’t make it in time to either open water pump 3 or deliver enough water.

      It’s pointless, this campaign is just so unnecessarily troublesome and difficult. I don’t know why I have to spend money to suffer.

      1. In fact I just lost again for no proper reason WHATSOEVER.
        The meltdown went boom in stage 2 with me doing EVERYTHING right. Water pump was unlocked in time and I was transporting water at full speed, it’s probably just some lag-induced production speed fault that caused this. (i.e. water production rate incorrect due to somehow being slowed by low FPS, which is very common for VERY complicated maps like this)
        I’m calling it. 6 fails with no sign of a proper way to pass (and having to start every pointless thing over and over and over and over again) is just ***.

    3. Completed mission 10 in One Go.
      For me i was lucky ,as i was able to complete delivery at last minute or two.

      1. Well, you said it. You were lucky. That’s the problem.

        This entire campaign has been increasingly tedious.
        I’m in Mission 12 now and this is taking DAYS. It’s hard to do anything while keeping the finance afloat because the very, very bad map design makes you go around the world to deliver something next door. In other words you spent a whole bank to build a railway and it doesn’t even earn.

  14. Hey DeckEleven, I would love to help you in your future projects by any possible way, I am student. So, I don’t have much financial resources but if you need any help with testing your games or if you just want to talk to some RailFan.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the proposal. We don’t hire for the moment, but you can always use this blog to follow us and give your feedback.

    1. Please update to version 3.0.3 as soon as it is available on your Google play app.
      This version contains a fix for bug that could cause a hang when modifying power network when there is a lot of tracks on the map.

  15. The electric campaign is the last campaign. So it is very challenging, but all the levels are possible. I guarantee that I completed every one of them.
    To succeed in mission 8 to 12, you should use the techniques presented in the Railropedia to optimize your railroad (high capacity station, flyover or advanced junctions, one-way tracks, traffic balancing)
    If this is too difficult, I suggest that you replay the first 3 campaigns with the electric trains to get the hang of it.

    1. it’s definitely pretty challenging, currently stuck on level 12 after restarting multiple times, with how many bridges and trains there needs to be it gets pretty had to manage

  16. There is a bug in Level 9. after getting the semiconductors delivered to the coalcoin factory it automatically completes the level without ever having to even power it.

    1. Actually this bug happens only if you don’t have unlocked the gift for the Oil aboard campaign.
      It will be fixed in version 3.0.4

    1. The fuel depot give you diesel barrels periodically.
      It allows you to replay all the other campaigns maps with diesel trains.

    1. By popular demand, I tuned down the difficulty of this level in version 3.0.4
      The key of this level is planning. Don’t enable fast speed until everything is planned and built. Give high priority to water trains. Nothing must stop or slow them down.
      If you need money, make sure you have some high traffic steel routes. It’s the easiest way for quick bucks.

  17. I’am currently in mission 9. And I was curious in mission 10, that meltdown thing. What happen to the nuclear power plant if didn’t deliver water on time? Will it explode onto your screen or what? πŸ˜…

      1. Yeah. So hard. I try to use diesel trains temporarily for transporting passengers and materials. And still it failed

    1. steam/ diesel have less traction to pull load –Electrics do but need robust infrastructure…u need mixsix locomotive / hulky but hulky needs geothermal plant…that takes much time

      1. I suppose to use the Hulky. But unfortunately, I didn’t make it. So I’ll spending again 40 minutes to repeat and have a time to plan quickly.

        1. The Hulky is all about traction (or tractive effort). It’s very useful if you have to climb steep slopes or if you have a line with many stops, but it’s not always the best choice for all situations and it’s expensive.
          In this case, you don’t really need traction, or speed. You need throughput. Throughput can be better achieved with the Multisix, that is more balanced. And it’s cheap so you can use many in parallel.
          To increase your throughput, you have to optimize your railroads though. Track and solve all causes of slowdowns:
          – trains waiting to enter the stations
          – trains waiting to exit the stations
          – trains waiting at bad junctions
          – traffic jams
          – trains running half full
          – and so on…

          1. Earlier, my track layout was a passing track. And has a single platform stations. And the bridge that I used was too slow. Its a steel bridge. So later on I will built a better line. I was on a state of self-planning right now

  18. About the final mission….
    Do you understand the pain when you are building stuff and suddenly got interrupted by a 100K bill that instantly put you in the red? It’s like constantly having your toy robbed from your hands.

    The poor design forces you to build very expensive, very long tracks just to deliver stuff next door and under the cliff. this means 90% of your railway is earning minus income. So not only you have to deal with the very challenging terrain, you have to work with very low wages.

    This isn’t a “challenging” level. This is tedious, outrageous and flatly painful.
    Please, Deckeleven, remind yourself that this is a game, and a game’s ultimate goal is to bring joy.
    When I finally get through this pure hell I am not going to want to play it again. I am only going to be traumatized and glad that I survived. This is not a way to make a game and many developers have already fell to this.

    1. When I play it I am in constant panic.
      You see the cash going from -10K to -5K, -4K, -3K, -2K, and then positive.
      Then you have to stop time compression and make do with the 30 seconds you have before the bills kick in and interrupt your building work.
      And any and all unfinished building work continues to generate more maintenance bill.

      This is just so nightmarish to the point that I had a psychiatrist booked for this. I’m constantly in panic attack whenever I play or think of this level.

      With all sincerity. This is not a game anymore. With only the terrain in play you can say it’s challenging, with the economy so F-ed up (going around the world to deliver next door, very poor income) it’s just torture.

      1. I felt that in mission 8. I restart the mission 5-6 times bcoz of heavy expenses. Hence, early bankruptcy. But I enjoy all the missions until in mission 10. AHAHAHAHA hayss!

        1. Well… you bleed, you learn πŸ˜‰
          There are plenty of games on the store that will hold your hand, and give you easy rewards to get your money. That’s definitely not this kind of game.

          You’ll have to solve problems that a real railroad company could stumble upon (bad terrain, crappy economics, R&D costs, or all at once…)
          Did you know for instance that most railroad lines in the world are not profitable? They just exist as subsidized public services.
          So don’t rush to build the most expensive and long lines. Take the time to establish a steady source of income first.
          They are plenty of smaller, very profitable opportunities that you can take before launching a big scale railroad.
          You can use the tycoon icon (hat on the top menu) to know the delivery rate of each resource. Plan accordingly!
          If you need money, you can also research “Financial planning” to reduce your interest rate before taking a loan.

          1. I apply that also *even I’am strugglin’ ahahaha*. Its not just a “joy” game but also a brain game. I really like it even I feel frustrated in mission 10

      1. I would like to share mine in level 10. For so many fails and bad attempts, first I bring 4 cars of water from the helipad using a steam train. A passengers from a closed 2 water building. I build a station in cement factory loop route for faster delivery of cement from the building materials. When the water building 3 was open, i use the multisix loco for delivering water. 3 multisix loco. And I stop the timer in….1:20(?) like that. And the rest are history. Haha my heart beating fast that timeπŸ˜‚

  19. For mission 12 of electric campaign, the delivery time for passengers should be increased, it should be around 80-85 seconds.
    After removing all other trains and running only passenger line, i was able to deliver passengers in 73 seconds but removing all other trains beats the purpose of railroad network.

    1. Great! Congratulations for beating the game πŸ™‚
      What I did is building a dedicated line for the express passenger. This is what is done in real life for high speed trains, like TGV or Shinkansen.

      1. Tried to made a dedicated line for it but due to bridges being elevated the train speed reduces and time is lost.

  20. What’s the criteria for construction of elevated bridge amd levelled bridge ? ,As elevated bridge reduces the train speed while levelled does not.
    In mission 12 of electric campaign only some bridges were levelled while others elevated when connecting mountain plains.

    1. Bridges are elevated for clearance. The game switches to elevated bridges when it senses something under that could collide with a train.

  21. Bug in level 10.

    after a succesful meltdown you can theoretical continue playing.

    If you leave the level und want to resume it, for instance you have forgotten meanwhile that you lost, the hole game crashes.

      1. If the game crashes completely, I would call it a bug…

        Unfortunately bug-report button doesn’t work. After 5 minutes I stopped it

        1. I’m looking into it.
          Some manufacturer disable the Bug report tool. It works on most device.
          Instead you can also opt in “share usage and diagnostics data” to allow Android to upload them. It’s in your Android settings menu.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Please submit a bug report from the game just after the crash (feedback icon on the main menu)

  22. lvl 12 is brain , patience breaker,,lots of trains bridges. uffff…11 lvl was easy got in 1st attemt

    1. agree, the only other level That took me multiple tries is level 10, which i managed on my second, but level 12 is way too uncharacteristically hard for the difficulty of the rest of the campaign and after many tries im now taking a break from trying to solve it until the difficulty is reduced.

      1. This levels seems a bit though, because it is somewhat counterintuitive, but it’s not impossible.
        Let me give you a quick walkthrough (don’t read if you want to solve level 12 all by yourself)

        Video there:

        – This level will require massive investments, but don’t jump right away into building a big railroad network. Or you’ll fail quickly… On the contrary, start slow and take the time to build your cash flow first.
        – Because of the terrain, the highly profitable resources are not available right away. The only accessible resources are the chemical works and the copper wires.
        – Connect the three chemicals works to the mill, and the airport to the semiconductor factory. Your goal is to deliver as much chemicals and copper wires as possible without breaking the bank. Use cheap steam trains, making round trips on one-way tracks to improve throughput.
        – When you have a little cash flow, hire two engineers and research “Long trains” to improve throughput even more.
        – Once you are done, you should have a little booming business, but not strong enough yet to take on the bigger network challenge.
        – Time to take your cash flow to the next level! Your new target: steel from the airport. There is plenty of it and the delivery rate is very good. Just what you need to make a quick buck. But it won’t be as simple as the chemicals/copper wires businesses though, because it’ll require some heavy R&D and we are going electric!
        – Make sure to research “Financial planning” first, because you may need a loan for your risky investments.
        – Research the “Picoletto” and the “Small traction substation” first. When this is done, hire one new engineer and research the “Multisix” and the “Medium traction substation”. Then one more engineer to research the “Wind turbine” and the “Arch bridge” (You can also do this while you build your initial business, but be careful: don’t overextend your research capacity too fast)
        – Once the “Arch bridge” is researched, brace yourself! It’s time to get the wallet out. Hire 4 new engineers and research the “Cable-stay” bridge.
        – As soon as possible, build bridges to cross the two canyons and connect the airport to the electric car factory with multisixes and windmills. Et voilΓ … Money machine!
        – At this point, you have a running business, you have researched all the essential technologies and you have established a strong cash flow. Not bad… It’s time to take on the big picture.
        – Your ultimate goal is to create an express passenger line between the two cities. They must be leveled up to the max first. There are a lot of businesses to connect in all directions in order to do that, and many canyons to cross before it’s even possible.
        This is the counterintuitive part: You may think that you are going to need a lot of tracks and a lot of bridges for the job. This is actually quite the opposite. If you try to do it like that, you’ll burn cash like hell, you’ll run out of real estate to build your railroad and your empire will crumble under massive building maintenance fees. Instead, you should make your best effort to build the less possible bridges, tracks and buildings.
        In most maps, the goal is to increase throughput to get fast cash. You can usually achieve that by making sure trains have dedicated lines and take the shortest paths. In this map, your goal is the opposite: trains should share tracks as much as possible, even if they have to take longer trips. And most importantly: you must reduce the throughput to the minimum to avoid jamming your shared network with too many trains.
        Here are some tips to achieve that goal:
        – Build a backbone network that will go all over the map. All your trains will use this network. No exception.
        – Split your backbone into large one-way loops (like roundabouts). One loop for each map segment.
        – Connect the loops by using two bridges (one for each direction).
        – Don’t cross the loops: create flyover or advanced junctions instead
        – Choose a circulating direction for your loops and stick to it (for instance: trains drive on the left)
        – If your bridges get jammed, double them by using “Track sets”.
        – Connect your stations to the backbone network with long branch lines.
        – Make sure all your trains run at full capacity and don’t waste resources during unload: Use the “Full load” and “Full unload” actions. A train waiting in a branch line is not clogging the backbone!
        – Use multi-track stations to avoid trains queuing up on the backbone.
        – Build your backbone progressively and connect the stations as soon as possible to get more cash. Make sure you have enough cash reserve before expanding
        – Use the terrain to climb smoothly to the higher level, and descend on a shorter path.
        – If your ascending path get jammed, double it with a “Track set”
        – Use the minimum number of trains to provide the service
        – Destroy and convert progressively your initial cash cow network to the backbone

        If at some point, your cash is getting dangerously low. Don’t panic. Fire your engineers (don’t to that in real life). Take a loan. Temporarily convert some low profit trains (i.e. waste water) to high profit trains (i.e. plastics) to increase the throughput of high profit resources.
        When your cash is going up, convert back your trains, repay your loans, restart your R&D. Don’t use too many Hulkys. They are very expensive. Use them only for trains that must ascend to the higher level.

        Once the cities are leveled up, build a dedicated express line to connect them, with priority over the shared network. And you are done!

        Check this video to visualize the end result:

        Of course, this is only one way to achieve level 12, among many other solutions… Be creative!

        1. Do you think basic cloverleaf interchange/partial cloverleaf are effective too? That was came in my mind last night (in Phil. Standard Time). And the wye track?

          1. Cloverleaf interchange is a great idea, particularly for the junction between the lower and higher backbones, just before the ascent.
            If you manage to do that, please post a video and I’ll add it to the railropedia πŸ˜‰
            I think the wye junction is the same as the simple junction.

        2. Thank you very much for writing up all that, ill go give the level another couple tries with the advice you’ve given here, though I’ll not watch the videos until im absolutely sure i can’t figure it out myself from all this.

        3. Sure. What is your gmail address Deckeleven? So that I can send it to you. I have a cloverleaf in mission 12. Also the parclo (partial cloverleaf). I will build it in “no buildings” sandbox for proper design of interchange

        4. ok, maybe old news, maybe not. maybe bad idea, maybe not 🀷
          I often work with a mainline double-track one way network. this way i avoid congestions easily.
          this combined with some fly-over junctions right before a double or tripple trackset hill-climb or bridge, greatly increases cash flow as well as transport speed.

          i noticed i your video you used mostly single-track (backbone as well as branchlines).

          maybe my way can give an easier/better outcome?
          if you want i’ll send a screenshot/video when i completed this mission. i’m now at mission 9 btw πŸ™‚

  23. pls introduce bridge direct upgrade ….it is very hectic after changing bridge …all those route s again

    1. That’s true. The train depot has limited use when there are a lot of routes.
      Bridge upgrade is in the todo list, so it will be done at some point when I get to it.

  24. First of all: Great job, congratulations.
    Difficult as expected and a great improvement.
    But I miss a functionality that is not available anymore: the possibility to build tracks when the zoom is out, particularly useful to long bridges or long lines.
    As suggestions I think is useful:
    * on the train menu the possibility to send the train to the depot instead of sell directly. It can be sell from the depot after.
    * the possility to link the substation as well the fuel depot directly to the stations
    * the possibility to upgrade a track from not electric to electric in with a new tool similar to the parallel tracks

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚
      Arf… It wasn’t a functionality, but a bug. It was fixed out in version 3.0.0. I didn’t know people were actually using this “feature”
      Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add them to the todo list for future versions.

      1. Yeah πŸ˜‚ I was using it a lot as a functionality. Just do a Zoom out and build a whole track in a one go instead of building a part and then scrolling again and again.. I missed that thing a lot. It was very useful.. please work on the very next upcoming patch.

        1. I’ll see if I can reintroduce it properly. My issue is that, you can’t the build controls in map mode.

          1. Therefore you could zoom in to change.

            I also used it regularly, to achieve long lines, because now you make it in pieces and won’t get a proper straight/curve of it.

            same with the bulldozer when a great area was a mess.

            As a further idea I would like to get a ramp-building for bridges, as a last research step after all bridges, so that the trains can pass an elevated bridge without loosing speed, especially on the downramp

          2. again a great thank for this feature.

            by this in last stage of electric dreams the time task can easily being handled even with the green steam and 5 wagons full of passengers. 60.8 secs with this configuration. qith a high speed train and 5 wagons I end up at a time of 38.6.

  25. Completed lvl 12 finally 1st attempt Economy collapsed,,2nd Infrastructure collapsed, 3– a decent one. my passenger line transport is 67 seconds

    New loco’s speed = more than 100 less than 150

  26. I also completed the mission 12. And I like the new loco. Good for general use.

    I restarted the mission 12 twice. In 3rd attempt, I finally transport passengers rapidly. From Zalem to Scrapyard, it took 54.6 seconds. And going back to Zalem got 59.8 seconds.

    1. Congratulations to both of you πŸ™‚
      It wasn’t easy, but I hope you got a kick out of completing the last mission!

  27. The new campaign and the whole game are great! I suggest you add the possibility of building bridges under power lines. When I build a new junction with a bridge i need to demolish the power line first, which causes no electricity on the main line. Then I build a bridge, rebuild the line in the same place, and then there is electricity. This line, of course, is over the new bridge. Is it possible to build such crossings with bridges without destroying the line? Thank you!

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚
      I’ll note your suggestion in the todo list.
      FYI, the todo list currently has 175 items, that are prioritized by demand. This list helps me decide what to add in future versions.

        1. Maybe just be fast to build and transfer passengers and other material needs to operate 2 water industries

  28. Hi again
    This time I’ve found two bugs:
    * the wind turbine and the geopower plant can’t be removed after building then.
    * In some cases when I need to redefine the path on stations the game chashes. I’ll try to make a small video and send it.


    1. Thanks for the bug report.
      Wind turbines and geopower plants can be removed like other station (tap on the station, then the station menu on the bottom right, then destroy station)
      Please prefer the “Send bug report” function from the game. If it works (some manufacturers disable it), it will send a zip file that allow us to actually debug the crash. It is harder with a video.

  29. I found an odd thing. When I connected the whole electric line with each other (one color) with Geothermals, wind turbines and power plant, all connected together. The City which required Electricity is also connected to electric line and Power plant is generating no electricity. Geothermals and windmills supply more than enough required Electricity to trains, then why all the trains stops and shows power outage and The traction substation shows overloaded when cities don’t accept electricity generated from Geothermals and Wind turbines as they supply electricity only to tracks and not to the city. (I had built 14 geothermals which supply 700Mw of electricity enough for city that required 550Mw and trains with 100Mw) at least Trains should run with that much electricity.. or city should start accepting electricity from geothermals and wind turbines.
    Also a Suggestion- can we have feature to Half Load/Unload so that with 8 wagons of one element we can supply two stations A and B with 4 Wagons each.

    1. A merged power network (one color) is overloaded when the power requested is superior to the power produced, for cities or railroads. As in real life, an overloaded power network is disconnected to prevent damage to the power plants, and all connected power destinations are out of power.
      If you want to prevent this from happening, you should design your power supply network to isolate the railroads from the cities (two colors).

      1. Also a Suggestion- can we have feature to Half Load/Unload so that with 8 wagons of one element we can supply two stations A and B with 4 Wagons each.

      2. By the way I was generating more power than required through Geothermals.. I built more Geothermals. Electricity produced – 2000 MW and Electricity required by cities and trains – 1600 MW so I have a surplus of electricity. I have disconnected power plants. Only geothermals are connected. Still there is an outage as geothermal only supply to tracks. I didn’t get the logic. I guess cities should accept electricity from geothermals too. and if not there should not be any outages for tracks atleast. As There is abundant amount of electricity and cities are not consuming any electricity.

        1. Cities can only be powered by public power plants, not private power plants.
          There is no “reverse electricity contract” yet to sell your electricity to public operators, so you cannot power cities with your own windmills or geothermal plants.

  30. Bug – v3.0.3 when i build Bridges and click on Undo it’s giving us only half money (deleting price) instead of returning full money. Please check
    Also Didn’t got your review/response on this Suggestion- can we have feature to Half Load/Unload so that with 8 wagons of one element we can supply two stations A and B with 4 Wagons each. is it possible.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. This happens when you have researched “Land grants”. It’ll be fixed in version 3.0.5.
      This is possible and it’s on the todo list, but it’s scheduled for later. First we must finish our work on other improvements, higher on the list.

  31. Electric dream level 12 has been completed, and I’ve got all the bonuses.

    Please add a signal on the bridge, so no long queues.
    Add a slot for the sandbox.
    Add a large fuel depot.
    And let players determine the number and type of industries in sandbox mode, because if it’s automatic then the industrial points and cities are too crowded.
    Thank you

    1. Well done πŸ˜‰
      There is no signals on bridges on purpose, to create a gameplay pushback and because it is more realistic to allow only one train per bridge.
      If you want to improve traffic on bridges, you can use parallel bridges and load balancing (see the railropedia)

  32. There is one issue with signalling. If there are two parallel tracks joining at one single track (or on single track station) and we delete a little part of one track and send that train to depot the color of that train remains there and other train stops at signal until we manually remove the signal. That means the Train sent to depot still engaging that single track (or single track station) after sending to the depot. Please check that and resolve. Thank you.

  33. Don’t you think you should have your Discord channel so it will be more easier to communicate with you and bug reporting. This website is still Great. But on discord we can communicate with other D11R 2 players too.

    1. A really good idea. I hate it to cut all the trees every time just for building a few tracks or stations. I would like to reforest the land. By the way I would like to know in advance, if I cut trees or not if I build anything. Too bad I have to guess if it works or not.

      1. For the time being, there is no “reforest” option in the plan, but you can see a preview of tree cutting when you place a building or track, just before validation.

  34. Many of the electric dream missions about saving the environment. What if there was an addition to replanting trees that were lost due to construction. So greener.

  35. I would like an option where I can tell which train gets the power when I’m low of it. I mean I had enough power for one of the trains but not for two. So why can’t I just use one of them to make money instead of going bunkrupt in the future? πŸ˜‰

    1. There is an item in the todo list to temporary send trains to the train depot. I think it should do what you need.

  36. Is there any advice or a video on the meltdown level. I have restarted over 100 times and I just don’t get it. PLEASE HELP!

    1. The key to this mission is planning: you should start to open the two hardest water wells in parallel with the easy one. Don’t do it sequentially.
      Also never enable fast speed, because you need all the time you get: you should never stop to build.

      Also make sure you have the latest update, difficulty have been tuned down (WARNING: don’t uninstall or you’ll lose your savegames if you didn’t make an Android backup first)

  37. Completed all the levels – phew!
    Needed to refer to D11’s notes for the High Speed Life – but was still a challenge.
    Hugely appreciate the great work in building the game.
    Now waiting for Railroads-3: metro and bullet trains, hyperloops – inter and intra-city networks…what?

    For now, cleared out the game data and started all over with the goal of implementing everything electric!
    Except for a few early levels in each campaign (that do not generate a lot of revenue and focus more on meeting the goals), it seems quite feasible using windmills to generate electricity.
    Needed a lot of patience on free campaign – level 8 to research geothermal power, clear up the network of windmills and restore the scenery (somewhat, as the chopped trees were lost for good).
    More fun, and haven’t even started with the sandboxes yet πŸ™‚

    1. Well done πŸ˜‰ I have added difficulty levels in the sandoxes, some it will be possible to choose its challenge

  38. Hi, great game but I’m a little confused on the benefit of electric over diesel:
    1. TE is the same at the first “level”, diesel is better at the second level (practically this is what you need most times, more is wasted unless for passengers), it’s only the others where electric is better (and you don’t normally need them – i did meltdown level with only multisix for example)
    2. Electric is more expensive for purchase and maintenance and infrastructure
    3. If I own the power plant why do I pay maintenance and also electricity? Surely wind power should be paid out of maintenance?
    Seems the only advantage at low level is they’re slightly faster because of not needing to refuel but shorty runs something like 350/m cheaper than piccoletto, which you don’t get back on faster trips?

    1. Max TE is not the only factor to consider. Power is also important. Electric locomotives tiers 2,3 and 4 are much more powerful than their diesel counterparts. This means that they can maintain their Max TE much longer. They have better acceleration, can haul heavier cargo and can climb steeper hills fast. They also don’t lose as much traction at higher speed. Overall, electric locomotives are very good to avoid traffic jams. They are fast to leave the station. And they are fast to restart after a slowdown.
      Max speed is also important. The Hulky has a slightly higher max speed than the Dashing. The Hispeed is the only locomotive that can achieve very high speed required in some missions. Electric trains are also more eco-friendly, which is also required in some missions.
      The infrastructure cost is higher, but in exchange your trains never have to stop to resupply. This is a major improvement, because resupply is the main cause of delays and traffic jams in dense networks.
      Electricity has a cost to produce and transport even if you own the powerplant. This costs could have been added to the maintenance bill, but I preferred to put it in an “Electricity cost” line. This makes it easier to compare with other locomotives. The “maintenance cost” represents the maintenance you have to do on your trains (changing part, oiling stuff…). “Electricity cost” and “Refueling cost” represent what you have to pay to power your trains.
      Choosing between diesel and electric is a tradeoff. Diesel is cheaper, but slower and dirty. It’s perfect for slow cargo and moderate traffic. Electric is more expensive, but it’s fast and clean, perfect for dense network or high speed railroads.

      1. Thanks for your reply, makes more sense now. I’d not quite got how the power feeds into any assessments like this.

  39. Hello. I am just starting the electric campaign using a sandbox to figure out some things.

    It seems that I cannot delete a Windmill or Geothermal plant after placing them. Is this a feature or a bug *humor*

    It wreaks havoc for me, drawing power lines to traction substations.

  40. amazing game! 😁😁😁
    i’m playing through the electric campaign atm. i refuse to use any steam or diesel trains, except at the really early stage of the game. it kinda gives an extra challenge 😁
    one point of critisism is this: due to the many hills/beaches, there so few space left for power generation… sometimes i’m stuck cause of that… but hey, maybe it’s me to blame, not the game πŸ˜‰
    a second point is this: the connection point of the powerlines on traction stations are kinda impossible sometimes. this is because of the standard orientation wich seems to be the only orientation possible. this messes with my options to place tracks/powerplants on small islands or small strokes of land… this is what makes the game very very hard sometimes… i like the challenge of the campaign, but not because of this impossibility to connect powerlines at times…

    but beside that, this game is wonderfull. visuals are great, gameplay is great, the sandbox mode creates amazingly fun scenarios… i’d say: a job well done!

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