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Train Depot

With update 2.3.1 you can now use the Train Depot

When you delete a track or a station that is currently in use, trains using it will not be sold anymore. Instead they will be sent to the Train Depot.

Once your track modification is complete, you can go to the Train Depot and restart your trains.

This is very handy, for instance if you want to convert a simple T-junction to an advanced T-junction.

A demo in video:

Update 2.3.1 also:
– Add a improved routing tool (more info here)
– Fixes the Armageddon bulldozer bug
– Computes better paths when routing multiple paths on tight curves
– Removes “Coal crisis” in some diesel missions
– By popular demand, small coalling towers are back in the free package

10 thoughts on “Train Depot

  1. Thanks for the new updates; can’t wait to get it 😀

    1 suggestion, could u allow signals to be placed on bridges? This will allow multiple trains travel in sequence while using the same bridge; so less waiting whenever they to cross the river..

    BTW keep it up!!

    1. It’s a feature. We want the bridges to be special and add to the gameplay. They are bottlenecks that you have to handle in your network.
      In a future release, we plan to add a “balancer” node to distribute trains on multiple parallel bridges.

      1. Is there an easy way to build bridges with multiple parallel tracks? I can only seem to build one bridge at a time.

        1. It’s not possible to double a bridge, like you can double a track.
          But an easy way is to first build all the parallel tracks at one bridge approach, then all the parallel tracks at the second approach, then connect all the tracks with bridges.

  2. The purchase are not happening after payment successfully done. Ive tried 4 times and all the times the purchase is successfully but after that i cannot play the steam or diesel purchase and the payments got refunded after 30 mins.

    Unable to understand what’s happening?

    1. We don’t manage payment ourselves. You should contact the Google Play support team.

  3. Is it possible to use train depots for train we dont want to use for now but deploy later?? This will save us some money

    1. Not yet, but there is an item in the todo list to implement that.
      For now, trains are sent to the train depot only when you delete a track in used.

  4. Is there an easy way to redo a train without deleting a track and resetting all trains on that track? i.e. I had a factory come online after delivering planks and now it needs different product, how can I stop that train without deleting the track it’s on and assign it elsewhere?

    1. You can just tap on the train, then tap the “train menu” in the bottom right, then delete or edit the train.

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