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Improved Routing Tool

Update 2.3.1 features an improved Routing Tool

With this improved version, you can now:
– insert a waypoint anywhere in the waypoints chain
– remove any waypoint, not only the last one.

This can be very handy!

For instance, let say you have a route running several Corn train clones, and you want to add a fuel depot stop in the middle of this route. With the new routing tool, it’s very easy.

Just select the previous waypoint by tapping it on the map, or by using the arrow buttons, then insert a new stop in the route.

A demo in video:

Update 2.3.1 also:
– Add a new Train Depot (more info here)
– Fix the Armageddon bulldozer bug
– Compute better paths when routing multiple paths on tight curves
– Remove “Coal crisis” in some diesel missions
– By popular demand, small coalling towers are back in the free package

2 thoughts on “Improved Routing Tool

  1. Hello hope u can help I’m trying to copy some of the things on railredia and it just not doing wot it should wot am I doing wrong please many thanks dion

    1. It’s difficult to know without more information. Try to make sure you place the signals at the same places and also check the Path Selector tool to see if some paths are not disabled.
      Feel free to use the contact form and send screenshots for more help.

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