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New Sandbox System

A new sandbox system is available!

You can now create an unlimited number of sandbox maps with your preferred biomes, terrains, and terrain features: add river, lakes, seas, mesas, rifts…

Water buildings are possible:

A sandbox with a fishery

Sandboxes can have generated missions:

Generated missions

And if you have an extension package, ports, airports, and heliports can also pop in:

Airport in sandbox

Upgrade to version 4.0.1 to get the new sandbox system. I hope you’ll like it!

30 thoughts on “New Sandbox System

    1. Good question! For the first time in 4 years and a half, I don’t have any short term hard goal for this project.
      Probably some real vacation first 🙂
      Then I’ll think about what’s next.

  1. Hi,

    Not sure if this is a bug, but…

    Generate a sandbox with a “rift”. Research bridges. Doesn’t seem to matter which kind. Try to run a bridge across the rift without an elevation change, i.e. so trains can cross the bridge without slowing down due to climb or drop. The piers appear for the bridge, but the track just follows the ground, diving into the rift. Trains travel on it as if it were just a track with no bridge.

    Thanks for the sandbox update. I see a lot more replay ahead for me!


  2. Hello,

    Thank you a lot for these improvements ! A lot of very interesting hours of gameplay in perspective !
    If you need some ideas about what could be next : what about an ability to build tunnels ? 😉

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Tunnels are a bit trick, because they require to create “holes” in the map, but they are definitely in the todo list (not at the top though)

  3. hello,

    how are the limits of size for the maps? I steadily try to get a huge map, which is rather a square, but they are allways long narrow maps.

    i guess i allready mentioned it, but is there a chance that the ramps on the bridge could be optimized so that the trains don’t have to break when leaving a high tunnel bridge.

    1. Hi,
      Yeah, it’s a bug. It’s supposed to randomly create squares, rectangles or bands, but it only creates bands. I’ll fix it in version 4.0.2.
      Good catch.
      The ramp is already a tradeoff between length and slowdown. If it’s longer, the slowdown will improve, but the bridge ramp will take too much space, and potentially will fail to build too frequently

        1. Not really. The tradeoff is already made. I can’t make the ramp longer without creating other issues.
          Take it as an incentive to research and buy more powerful loco 😉

          1. What i mean of upgrading rail bridge, is changing of existing rail bridge without dismantling like how the train stations do.

          2. Oh ok. Got it. It’s a very good idea. I’m currently investigating the possibility to create tunnels (no promises as this is very complicated…).
            Maybe the next update will be themed “Bridges & tunnels”.
            I also finally ordered some Apple equipment to test if it is possible to port the game to iOS. This should keep me busy for a few months.

    2. Hi deckeleven, what do you think about the solution to simply buying technologies instead of inventing them? Possibly shorten the research time?

      1. It would definitely shorten the research time, but research time is long for a reason: it creates a gameplay pushback. That makes the player think and plan, as opposed to just react and buy.
        In my opinion, the research unlocks should be earned, or else they would not be as valuable.

        1. keep the research for the whole gameplay as it is, just switch placed of “innovation funding” and ” goverment subsidies”, cause for me at the time and price the funding is, it is nearly one of the last to research. and by this no gain of time for the other researches.

  4. Thanks for the sandbox update. Please, add options for square and rectangular maps in the next update. And make a gentle slope of the bridge, so that the speed of the train when crossing the bridge on land does not slow down. Thanks

  5. Hello,
    I have the feeling that the sandbox only generates cities with the same amount of needs : 10 passengers for all the cities on the map, or 20 for all the cities. Could it be possible to mix the needs : on the same maps, some cities with a need for 40 passengers and/or mail (or more) while some other cities only need 10 or 20. I have the feeling that it would improve the gameplay because one should not simply create a passenger line linking all the cities but create something more like a network. What do you think of this ?

    1. That’s true. The game currently has very simple rules for passengers/mail. It’s done like that to avoid impossible unbalance.
      We don’t want a situation where a city has an overwhelming demand for passengers and goods, while others require none.
      I’ll see if I can improve that and create some limited unbalance.

  6. as mentioned for the ports, please -if possible- create fixed surroundings and distances to borders or other buildings, e.g. I now have a sandbox, where a nuclear power plant is placed right on the border of the map and the connection point for the electric grid is just faced to the border, by chance there is a corridor of nearly nothing where i can place the electric grid, to power a city to finish the box.

  7. Hello
    First of all, many thanks for the sandbox update.
    I have been playing sandbox games before the upgrade, some being quite fun challanges despite the lack of the improvements, and I have already been playing several since. I see that there has been a mention above about the matter of the passengers and mail. I think they should be 20 minimum as before. Now I often get passenger and mail trains running empty as there are hardly any “on offer”. This is sometimes affecting cities moving up to the next level when I get a good level of supply of the required goods but short on passengers and/or mail. I normally didn’t have to do this but now I have to force the passenger/mail trains to do a “full load” and wait until they are full before departing in some cases. On the other hand, needing only 10 has meant that I can serve closer cities with just one train with 4 passengers and 4 mail cars!

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