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Bonjour ! Hola ! やあ ! 안녕!

Railroads 2 is now available in 8 languages!

By popular request, we translated the game in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean

Game localization

Upgrade to version 5.0.0 to get the game in your language. Let us know if you see any translation mistakes.

8 thoughts on “Bonjour ! Hola ! やあ ! 안녕!

  1. Hi guys!
    The game will greatly benefit if you add more difficulty options to the sandbox. Moreover, for this you do not have to invent anything special, you only need to provide for the inclusion of certain filters when generating maps. For example, it would be nice to have options for selecting the level of cities on the map. A new set, say, a Settlement, in which the options are: Random, Village, City, Megapolis. Then, when choosing the Village option, settlements with a level of 2-3 are generated, a City – 3-4, a Megapolis – 4-5. Moreover, it would be good for a Megapolis to provide for mandatory garbage collection. According to the level, the amount of resources required, and hence the complexity of the delivery network will increase, and with them the attractiveness of the location as a whole. And anyone don’t have to scroll through dozens of generated maps to find an interesting location to play.

  2. Just a quick question: there a chance to you make a Railroads 3 with news features? Trains and others stuffs?

    1. Hi. I really don’t know. I haven’t though about what I want to do after this project, but anything is possible.

  3. will there be an option to save the progress in cloud or export it.. it could be beneficial when we switch device or when doing a factory reset.

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